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Guys (and Gals), quick one - Lets say this bloke works in a company and everyone knows him, knows he teaches cadet forces, and an asian security guard seems over interested in 1 aspect of his hobby.

The guard keeps asking questions about where he can learn shooting, what kinds of shooting he can do, how much does it cost to learn and how can he get his own gun......

What do you do? (appart from ask him nicely to go down the but and hold up a figure 11)

Answers below...

Point him the direstion of the local police station. They have all the rules and regualations for firearms.
If i had said "security Guard" to me that could have meant he was interested in getting some FA experience to do BG work at a later date- totally understandable senario methinks.

I said Asian because Asia is a massive continent, i did not specify Muslim/Seik/buddist/indian/pakistanian/chinese/japanese/etc

Its been playing on my mind because he keeps asking and is becoming very persitant. at first i thought it was a wind up.
SKJOLD said:
Point him the direstion of the local police station. They have all the rules and regualations for firearms.
I agree..

I would suggest he make an appointment with the local firearms officer.

As I understand, yourequire a persoanl interview these days to get a fire arms.

They will also have all the rules and regualtions etc.

Alternatively, suggest he goes and joins a legitimate shooting gun. There he can learn to shoot with out the hassle of geting a licence...

When I got my firearms cert (target and game with rifles) I had to undergo a comprehensive interview, inspection of my home, I had to nominate the piece of land I was to shoot on (a shooting club would have sufficed) and I had to provide references from 2 professionals and a mental assesment from the doc. They also came back at a later date, after issuing the certificate to check that the gun safe was properly installed, all weapons were securely held and that the ammunition was stored seperatley in a secure safe. If the guy you refer to wants to get started he should speak to local constabulary and have already done the ground work. In short I think the system for licensing private weapons is comprehensively safe, security minded and as strict as it can reasonably be. It's all the illegal firearms out there that do the damage.

Your guy sounds like a bit of a bore who wants to learn how to shoot - if he was some sort of nut then he would have gone down the illegal route already.
firearms act means didley squat to the criminals, most of the shootings is from unlicensed firearms and unregistered weapons.
Yet again the decent law abiding citizen is bashed in the name of political expediency :roll:
i think you all missunderstand. he knows me, and has done for a while, but recently returned home for 3 months and is back. now all of a sudden he is VERY instersted in learning to shoot "people". I correct him saying "targets" he laughs. he doesnt want to own a gun, he simply wants to learn to shoot.
i think its all a bit suspect. want your opinions.

If i was that suspicous of someone, I would inform the police and get them to do a few checks.

Either that or you could tie him up, shine bright lights in his eyes until he gives you the information you require!
Send him to your local gun club - they're on the net / phone book etc. Let them deal with his questions. What is the problem with some curiosity? If you are THAT worried, speak to the local feds and get yourself a real reputation.
You don't say where "home" is but if as you indicate you are concerned phone either FIB or firearms officer at local nick for off the record chat. Otherwise if this guy did anything you would feel VERY bad.
that MI5 website kind of makes you want to try that spy stuff doesn't it wonder how the boss would take that "yeah see you later sir i'm off to spy in ................. i work for MI5 now so screw your tesex :lol: "

Mr Happy

Fill in the nice MI5 form with as much information or use Scotland Yards anti terrorist form. Either way the details you provide will go onto a large database and should his name ever pop up again elsewhere (booking flying lessons/phone transcripts/one way flights to Tel Aviv) then it will help.

As for his shooting ambitions, we know from our own experience that a lot of people want to or would like to get their hands on a shooter in some capacity and this guy may just be that. Simply tell him the name of a local shooting club and let them sort him out (they're used to these characters).

If he was a dedicated want to learn to shoot chap he wil do fine. If he really was a potential terrorist then he could probably learn to shoot at any Al Quaida shooting camp in Asia so don't worry too much about it.
Whatever you do, don't be content to pass it up the chain to the OC of the cadet unit; the first time this happened to me that's exactly what I did, and nothing happened whatsoever.

Maybe that was the appropriate response to a harmless enquiry, but if you're as worried as you say you are then screw the chain and take matters into your own hands. I'm sure it wouldn't be the first time! :wink:
or in evil frame of mind point him in the direction of USaf base
one way trip to cuba guilty or not if he's lucky :twisted:
Follow him home at the end of his shift, and just when you think he has settled down to an episode islamabad-enders fly a 757 threw his front room window

That should sort it :D
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