Sen. Edward M. Kennedy hospitalized with symptoms of stroke

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by redgrain, May 17, 2008.

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  1. This may be of interest to Americans. Senator Kennedy is very powerful...

    Sen. Edward M. Kennedy hospitalized with symptoms of stroke

    By DAVID ESPO, Associated Press Writer 14 minutes ago

    WASHINGTON - Sen. Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts was hospitalized in Boston Saturday after suffering stroke-like symptoms, according to a knowledgeable official.

    There was no immediate word on his condition.

    The official who provided the information declined to be identified by name, citing the sensitivity of the events.

    Hyannis Fire Lt. Bill Rex told the AP a 911 call came in from the Kennedy compound at 8:19 a.m. EDT A male was transported to Cape Cod Hospital and was transferred by medflight at 10:10 a.m. from Barnstable Municipal Airport to Massachusetts General Hospital.

    Kennedy, 76, has been in the Senate since election in 1962, filling out the term won by his brother, John F. Kennedy.
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Can I be the first to say . . . not a moment too soon?
  3. So the old bastard might finally be on his way out, 40 years after causing the death of Mary Jo Kopechne and not a moment too soon. Some say that family attracts tragedy - I say they reap what has been sown.
  4. Sooner he goes the better. No, just let him go and forget him, he goes to join the rest of his no good clan.
  7. I disagree. Mr. Kennedy has not been perfect, but has done many good things. He is for a minimum 'living' wage, he is a critic of the Iraq war, he is for gun control, he is for health care for all Americans, to name a few. Plus, his office has intervened on behalf of some MA residents to get them what they need in difficult times.

    Swift and full recovery to you, Senator.
  8. the Kennedy's supported the IRA...made their fortune bootlegging in the 30's...killed a young campaign worker, another murdered a girl some 25 years ago, there was one charged with rape....that family is evil and rotten I hope Fat Teddy suffers a painful and drawn out death.
  9. Don't forget the father of the lot, I think Joe was his name, can't be bother to check. Anyway whilst US Ambassador in London during WWII was against the US entering the war. He probably done a lot more damage, again can't be bothered to check.
  10. Not forgetting that they had Marilyn Monroe killed too
  11. Ditto, what he said.
  12. Joe was against the US entering the war because he was aNazi sympathiser...quite ironinc that Fat Teddy turned out to be such a commie lover.
  13. Without wishing to appear hostile to our many American friends and allies, no Kennedy has yet been a friend to this country and I will shed no tears at this one's pain neither will I lament the passing of any member of this diseased clan.
  14. Thankfully, it seems not to have been a stroke the senator had, but a seizure. He is undergoing tests, but sources said, "they were guardedly optimistic that he would make a full recovery."
  15. To you maybe but not to me (us?). I remember a story about him on a visit to NI in the 70's (I think) when he said to a soldier "why don't you go back to your country" - reply was reputedly "why don't you f*** off back to yours"

    Bad man even by the standards of polititians but possibly not as bad as his father.