Sen. Biden: Iraq should be divided into 3 regions

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FunkyNewBlood, May 2, 2006.

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    Wait a few years and then you really will have a civil war!

    Good exit strategy...... :roll:

  2. And Iran would just wait a few years before quietly assuming day to day control of the shi'ite south, ending in a greater Iran (With even more control over access to the Arabian Gulf)

  3. Dear Senator Biden.

    Shut up you fool.

    Especially when the Central Government tells the Sunni it wants to control the water.
  4. Is there any alternative,except of course the central government that´s a non-starter.

    This is what happened to the former Yugoslavia, as there was no way they could live together after the attrocities they´d commited against each other.It´s not perfect but it was the ONLY solution that worked.

    There will be a lot of head scratching and bargaining,but if they get the balance right in that all the parties get a fair share of water,and of course oil,it could just avert a civil war.The groups are too divided to ´kiss and make up´.

    The coast line near Barsa could become a Free Area,with UN or other international protectors.

    Maybe I´m daft,but I really can´t see a realistic alternative for the near future,and I doubt if the Iraqis will want a drawn out civil war with no winners at the end of it.A civil war might even help the kurds get autonomy quicker as Slovania did in Yugoslavia,they used Kroatia as a buffer zone and let them(Serbia and Kroatia) kick the cr*p out of each other!

    Turkey will scream like pigs on a spit,but f+ck them,they´ve been slaughtering the Kurds for years!
  5. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I suspect Senator Biden would be justifiably irked if an Iraqi politician piped up with a new constitution for the US. In case he's forgotten, the CPA transferred sovereignty to the Iraqis a year or so back...