semper paratus

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dazzagtir, May 3, 2013.

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  1. Guys, girls.

    I was digging in the garden a few days ago (I live on dartmoor) and I found what appears to be an old metal military badge about 5 inches down.
    It's about the same size as a cap badge,
    The words "semper paratus" written across the top,
    At the bottom is two crossed cannons with the numbers 39 below them,
    Above the cannons is what I can only guess as a cockerel...?

    Anyone have any ideas what badge this is.?

    Thanks in advance
    Celer et Audax
  2. Isnt semper paratus Latin for "Dirty Sanchez"?
  3. Semper Paratus means Always Ready, Scout movement use it as do Wentworth Regt and a couple of Yank units, and a Canadian one. Can't find the badge though.
  4. Something Italian?
  5. I cant see the pic (cunts of IT have blocked most things) but yank coastguards use it.

    fucking hell.....A nearly sensible and not very helpful reply from me :)
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  6. 175_001.jpg

    39 Regt RA?
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  7. I've searched all over the web for it trying to find an answer but with no luck.
    ARRSE is my final resort.
    Being Dartmoor it could be from anyone.!
  8. Joe_Private, I believe you have hit the money on that one. Looks exactly the same, even with the colouring in the lettering.
    The earth has rusted the thing to nearly nothing.
  9. 39 Regt RA was only formed in 1947 and, as far as I know, the Gunners have had roughly the same design of cap badge since well before then.
    I also doubt that a British artillery regiment badge would have a cockerel on it - French symbol!
  10. The OP started another thread, I reckon he realised that this one was in the NAAFI and therefore open to abuse. From that thread:

  11. Dunno Punch mate. Surely you remember, you were there weren't you? ;-)
  12. Youve blown your PERSEC and led us to your photo album , well done Darrell ...this one is far more interesting ...