Seminal moments in life

You know the thing. Moments of your life that you will remember till your dying day for some reason. I had one tonight. Just got back from seeing The Foo Fighters at Earls Court. During the encore, the drummer Taylor Hawkins came out front to sing, while Dave Grohl went and played the drums. I know it'll mean fcuk all to the vast majority of you but I'd thought I'd never get to see Dave Grohl play the drums. It's right up there with seeing my beloved Mansfield play at Wembley. Anyone else have memorable moments (good or bad!) ?
Sangreal said:
No Guru, I do understand. It must be amazing to see Dave Grohl playing the drums in a decent band for a change! :lol:
Not really, the Foo Fighters suck arrse too! Now if it had of been Muse, I'd have understood
Muse are very very good. Lots of noise from just 3 fellas. Dave Grohl however is a great showman, and really rocked the place. I was extremely pleased to see Supergrass supporting them again as they did when I saw them in Koln a couple of years back. Anyhow back to point, seminal moments, like when I handed my ID Card in, and felt totally naked after carrying it around for a quarter of a century. That feeling as I handed it across to the Chief Clk was a very sad moment and something that I won't ever forget
I've seen Grohl play drums twice. He was in some band with a wasted looking singer with peroxide hair at the time.

And yes, they were as good as everyone says they were.
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