Semiauto versus bolt action

Okay, this is partially a "blowing one's own trumpet" thread.

Anyway, we just had an IPSC practical rifle match, Dutch style (i.e. very few shots at around 100 m, most 25 m or less). For a giggle, I decided to take the 7.62 x 39 Australian International Arms with a 3.5 MOA doctor dot, and see how I could do against the semiautos.

Partly, this was to prove a point that the standard of shooting here on average is extremely poor, and partly to have a great laugh.

Anyway, without going into the vagaries of IPSC scoring, I ended up coming 21st out of 32, with 60.32% of the score of the winner.

My best stage, which included three,4-inch ceramic tiles at 100 m, was 6th out of 32.

I don't believe that I was the slowest on any stage, and I did not come last on any stage either, even those in which I had a distinct, vast disadvantage (two targets leaning right with your left leg hooked around a pole, then two more targets leaning left with your right leg hooked around the pole, weak shoulder, at about 10-15 m).

As the match went on, comments went from "what stupid thing is that?" to "you've got to see this, this guy can shoot this bolt action as fast as some of the semis".

I could have done even better, since I monged-up my reloads, punched myself in the face once, and on the same stage slammed the bolt shut but slipped off it before I had locked it, thereby ejecting a perfectly good live round and resulting in a "click" later!

I cannot wait to get a decent barrel and the stock modifications ( carbon fibre AR 15 free float tube, plastic, shotgun style butt) done to it to improve the ergonomics (when standing, my left hand grabs around the sling swivel, with my index finger pulling back on the swivel. Not exactly comfortable!)

Anyway, it was a great laugh, with a bonus that I proved my point!
Sounds good fun. You might well find that the stock modifications slow you down. The straight grip stock positions the hand ideally for the bolt.
I use two different bolts manipulation techniques: "classic", and "finger and thumb on the handle, middle finger on the trigger" as and when required.

You may have a point regarding the "classic" position, but I think that the difference will be minor if it exists at all, and will almost certainly be offset by an increase in accuracy due to the better ergonomics. With the finger and thumb technique, I think that the other butt will increase speed, again due to better economics, head position, etc.

We shall see. In any case, I can always put the old butt back on, although it will make it look rather strange!

This is the current configuration. I actually did use the sling as a single-point on one stage -- I have it set up now with a hook so I can throw the sling off as I run forward.



Walter Winnans wrote rather well on what a young man should be able to do with a rifle. Very practical advice indeed and all before self loaders were available!

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