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Semi shottie with a soft recoil

They all have a soft recoil if they fit you, most 12 bore shotguns only knock out around 1500-2000 joules, although slugs can be double that. If you are unsure of what is meant by gun fit, then get some expertise alongside you before hitting a gunshop full of obsequious salesmen. It also helps if you don't buy the lightest gun available.
Any recommendations? Second hand Sec 2 is fine, my local plod can be a bit arsy about Sec 1's.
semi will (unless I'm mistaken, in which case it will be swiftly pointed out) by design be 'soft' because the recocking absorbs a lot of the energy (and they tend to be heavier as well, so soak it up).

I have a Browning, which does the job very well. Can't remember which model, but £700 new.
It depends on what's going out the front to be honest, 28g which is about the lightest load that will function in a semi is very soft, if you chuck 46g out it will be harder.
Depends on what's going on inside. The gas guns tend to be milder, the original benellis somewhat livelier. Never shot a proper recoil actuated one, but I imagine they're livelier again.
Be a Man not a Mincing Jarrod about recoil?
I must admit about the only people I knew who had problems with recoil were the twits who tried to hold the butt away from the shoulder, result, WHAM, a nice bruise, so yes agreed, "be a man and pull the butt FIRMLY into the shoulder"!!!!
Or if your Sgt is a funny **** and takes a young thruster for a few rounds of skeet using heavy load.

After 5 boxes of carts, the bruising was impressive to say the least.
I shoot class with a Beretta Teknys Gold 12g semi, recoil is piss all with a 28g load, and not a whole lot worse when shooting 50g BB at black and white foxes..... Firmly in the shoulder works wonders.
Shoot clays I meant, not class, safest thing on a clay shoot is the clay I'm shooting at!

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