'Semi-erect' OAP shampooing his genitals on a bus claims he's 'no hardened criminal.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Kirk_St_Moritz, Sep 4, 2013.

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  1. £180 for a w*nk on a bus!
  2. "I was treated like a hardened criminal." :p
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  3. Priceless.
  4. No - cost him £180.
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  5. I see what you did there......
  6. mis carriage of justice , treated as a hardened criminal even though the courts accepted he was semi erect !

    Any guess`s as to which Arrser he is ?
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  7. Sluggy?
  8. To your average Bedfordfordshire worzel, the Beds on Sunday paper is merely the usual coverage of murder, mayhem, muggings and the scum's -sorry- L*ton Town FC's results.

    To us from the Hertfordshire side of the fence it's pure gold. :lol:[/QUOTE]

    Dont get too excited thinking that Hertfordshire has just got one over Bedfordshire.
    The shampoo bandit is from Bletchly which is in Buckinghamshire

    With regards to what you describe as the scums football results, is that because you are thankfull that watford and luton town wont meet for a long long time? That way you can sit safely at home and take the piss.
    Mind you it must be scarey being in watford when luton town play there, it does tend to bring out all the nutters from luton.

    I will say the shampoo story made me smile though

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  9. What?
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  10. You're awake.

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  11. Since 0347hrs when next door went to work. I'm just wondering why No-Body felt the urge to type my name.
  12. "Mr Milne's defence barrister protested that his client was "normally an upstanding member of society"".
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  13. Sorry Sluggy, I was trying to be faseciou.. , fashisious.. , fachtious.. , - I was trying to be clever from the post before mine....
  14. Quality, the old pervs are the best!