Semi blind, myopic old feckers and continued successful shooting

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Effendi, Sep 7, 2012.

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  1. Age takes it toll, then a bit more for luck and the eyes seem particularly affected. Viagra sorts out the other problem but what about the eyes?

    The bloke I go to for my annual beasting on the range used to be a US team member, is still well respected in the industry and at the arthritic, spectacle wearing age of 64 can still shoot better than most "competitive shooters" half his age. He told me his successful solution to the problem: When you go to an eye surgeon for laser treatment they will offer to zap one eye for close up work and the other for normal/distance work. The brain takes the input and sorts it out into a seamless and viewable image. Applying this solution to shooting is then quite simple - you need to focus on the foresight so you need one eye that can do this and the other to cover all other input. Shooting with both eyes open. Anyway this laser eye treatment theory was taken and applied to shooting specs - talking with people I've found its actually now pretty well used in certain circles in the US as a solution for us myopic types.

    I took Bill's solution and cobbled together a couple of pairs of disposable specs to try it out. The right lense is 2.5 for close up and the left 1.25. I played with my Heath Robinson construct as was immediately pleased with my ability to focus fully on the foresight with the right eye whilst having a significant awareness of the target and surrounds with the input from the left eye.

    I have now been to an optician with an explantion of why I want the prescription and my red gun to allow for trialling the prescription during the consult. I told them I why I wanted the prescription and that I was bringing the red gun beforehand as I did'nt want the shopping centre cleared and SWAT in attendance because of a nutter with a gun.

    Anyway, I took delivery of my speshul prescription shooting specs with the correct magnification and cylinder a week ago. All I can say is if you shoot and the eyes are playing you up go play with the throwaway glasses to prove the point to yourself. I am more than happy with the increased benefit the specs give me and I am looking forward to using them lots. I could probably have gotten away with the throwaway specs but I wanted to be sure of the eye protection so I had some made here:

    Prescription Safety Glasses | Prescription Safety Eyewear | Bifocal Safety Glasses | Rx Safety

    I ordered on the friday night and they were with me on the following tuesday, and for you still in service types they do prescription WileyX and I do believe they do international.
  2. Truffles, you need to speak to JJH.

    Trust me.
  3. Elaborate.
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  4. We're not all thickos.
  5. B_AND_T

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    I am!
  6. S'two of us then.

    Either JJH would benefit from a pair of the above described specs, or he has a secret way of not needing them, or there is a third option which totally flies past me.

    As an addendum to the spec's thing: Once you have worn them for a day or so the brain has accepted the varying inputs and just gives you a clear seamless image for both near and far. This means you can conduct all daily activities normally with the ability to shoot, read, write, drive, Bill wears his when flying his plane so he can check distance and read his instruements. They are in principle nothing different to what an eye surgeon does under the laser its just that they are specs. Simples!
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    Do varifocal glasses not do the same thing?
  8. JJH's secret is that he is really a Termintor cyborgy thing
  9. I have some and hate wearing them. You either look at the wider world and either tilt your head or glance down to use the blind old fart lens to see close up.

    Two seperate lenses fulfills the same function as varifocal with each eye receiving different information that the brain then sorts out into one clear picture. I spoke with the optical person who did my prescription at length about my requirements and she made sure that my eyes were able to deal with my requirement.

    As stated, up top, they do the varying focal distance for each eye thing during eye lasering. I had it offered to me and turned it down as I wanted both eyes the same with the ability to correct using lenses in the future. Point of interest: It is more common that if they do the varying focal thing during lasering that they will laser your left eye for close up - this totally screws you for shooting if you are one of the majority who is right eye dominant.

    I wore my diy specs for general mooching around and now wear the new prescription ones in the evening for when I multitask watching the TV and reading or ipaddling. It means I don't have to switch between readers and normals.
  10. Very interesting. I assume you are right eye dominate and shooting right handed?
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  11. Sorry to interject, but I know that you know what you are talking about, whereas I just like kittens (and Rusty).

    Hope you are well!!!!
  12. I am confused, but then it is about 4am and have just been for an old man piss :(. If I understood correctly, you went for laser eye treatment, but still wear glasses, is that right?

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  13. I used to enjoy challenge of using aperture sights but too much reading of my speshule art books collection has totally effed up my eyesight; that's not to mention the effect that Venkers Colic has had on my pistol shooting
  14. Sorry, belated reply. Been away shooting.


    Works for double lefty too.

    I went for an old man piss last night too, but draw the line at checking the net.

    Anyway, Yes had my eyes lasered about 7 or 8 years ago. The surgeon at the time told me that they could fix the [mechanical] problem but eventually age would catch up and I would probably need glasses for reading again. I used to have about 3.75 correction with a cylinder correction. I use the specs for reading and can walk, drive etc, etc without specs. I just end up wearing specs them most of the time because its easier than trying to find them when I need them.