Semi-Auto wanted... suggestions?

Right, due me being in effect a large child, I want everything all the time. This has resulted in me at various times wanting to add new air rifles then rifles to my wish lists, then promptly dismissing once the fad is over.

However, i've thought about this properly, and now I have decided that what I need to do is in fact focus on my shotgun shooting as thats what I actually enjoy and have the means and contact to keep it up!

So, I currently have a Beretta Ultralight De-Lux O/U which is lovely, and jolly good for driven shoots. However, I now feel the need to move towards a second gun that can do the following (not that my Beretta can't but since I can afford a second gun...)

1) Reliably and happily put steel shot through the barrel without fear of too much wear+tear
2) Use for wildfowling and hide Pigeon shooting - so reliable
3) Use for clay pigeon shooting
4) due to the different needs of the above two disciplines, the need for the weapon to reliably cycle smaller loads and bigger 3 1/2" cartridges
5) Being a mere baby OF-2 not be too horrendously expensive.

I've looked about and decided on a Semi-auto as a good second gun for the previous to match my O/U

So, could anyone give any suggestions? Hatsan Escort has got mixed reviews for all its value, would a second hand Benelli or Beretta or Winchester be a better bet? And if so, which one?

PS - I couldn't stomach a camo bedecked gun. Synthetic maybe...

Thanks in advance.


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As you say there are differing opinions on the Hatsan. I've had one for about 2 years and found it reliable as long as the gas ports are kept clean and you only use 28g and over.

If you want a multi shot and 100% reliabillity think about a pump action, much more fun.
Couldn't face a pump gun. I'd feel like I should be wearing a trucker hat and denim dungarees.


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Some people do look down on pumps at clay grounds, but they are rock solid at firing just about anything.

If it were me though, I'd be tempted to look at a second hand urika 2 or Extrema. Berretta quality is very good and they will last. They do have an issue cycling the lighter cartridges though, but are spot on for the heavier stuff. I had an Urika 2, and it was really good, I just could not get on with it, so swapped it for a Silver Pigeon 5 and have never looked back.


Had a bash with the Urika 2 at the weekend and it cycled about 150 28g loads without an issue, never really put a foot wrong.

They do take a bit of getting used to with the centre of gravity being further forward but other than that you should be ok.

Muzzle discipline is essential with them though and people can be a little wary of them at clay grounds.
Sounds good... just need to find an acceptably proofed one. Plus if its a clay gun mostly (?) how well does it stand up to 3" 36g cartridges and horrible wet and muddy conditions?
Further to this... anyone on here got any gen on Yildiz as a shotgun maker? Seem to be turkish, and cheap, but they any good or not?
I suppose it depends on what discipline you intend to shoot (skeet/trap/sporting clays).

For trapshooting, a pump-gun is more than adequate, as you only fire 1 round per clay. For skeet shoots (and some sporting clays) a pump is a bit slow, though.

As far as makes go, I have no hesitation in recommending a Mossberg. They're cheap and ugly, but IMHO, rock-solid and reliable. People sometimes get quite sniffy about them, but on the trap range, my 500 pump-action was holding its own against others with Urikas and over/under trap-guns! Mossberg 930 is an entry-level semi-auto.


You say that as if its a bad thing!
Must be one of those city types, coming round here and widening the gene pool!
Thanks all - anyone got any gen in specifically Browning B80's, GOLD's or Phoenix's? All three look pretty good if I didn't go for a beretta, just wondering what, if any, the difference is?


Must be one of those city types, coming round here and widening the gene pool!

Ithaca 37 Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nice, I have a section one model.


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Remmy 1100, love it to bits, although get a newer one if you want to fire 3" carts, mine is a touch fussy over ammunition, wouldnt even cycle some Hull 28g fibre wads last week, but fired 24g plastics just fine!
For anyone even slightly interested, after much deliberation and uhming and ahing i've gone for a Beretta A400 Xplor and bitten the cost bullet.

Its lovely, almost as lovely as my Ultralight :)

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