Semi auto shotgun

I've been offered the opportunity to bash a few bunnies and pidgeons and I'm leaning towards a semi auto for the job. I don't want to spend a fortune and was looking at a Hatsan Arms Escort.

Anyone got any experience with these, are they any good?
Have the woodland camo version (no preference for camo it was what they had when I wanted one).

Shoots OK, does what it says on the tin.

The best description I have heard of it;

Its a Farmers gun, a tool. You can shoot all day in the pouring rain, take the thing home and let a wet dog sleep on it. Pick it up in the morning and get back out on the shooting ground and shoot all day again.

Yes I like it! :D
never fired a hatson shotgun but all semi auto's are great for rabbits and other vermin.

go onto they have loads of S/H and new shotguns for sale.

have fun!
Not used one mate, but I am a bit concerned that there are so many up for sale on Guntrader..!

Semis have little second hand value, and I would personally always go for a second hand one by a good maker over a new one...

Lot of shooting in a Remington 1100, Winchester or Beretta - all well proven designs - have a look at what is available in your area on guntrader...
i went to buy a Hatsun 10 bore a couple of years ago and of the two i tested one would not fire and the other would not eject the spent cases. not sure if they have improved much but the gas seals were rubber 0rings! not a good sign i thought. i ended up with a Baikel 3and a half inch magnum 12 bore instead but this was for wildfowling and a bit of an overkill for what you want really. as HE117 says though a second hand quality make would prob be your best bet.


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They are ok guns by all accounts. As pointed out already, it does what it says on the tin.

You might also want to have a look at e Webley & Scott semi auto too. Good for the money now that the company has changed hands and someone is actually checking the stock when it comes in!! The new boss is a good deal more switched on.

If anyone wants a good deal on Hatsans, Huglus, Berettas (got a nice used semi auto at £650), or Webley and Scott (or any other brand), I'll match pretty much any price out there for a new gun.
I bought a S/H Browning B80 in 1984 and it has never missed a beat, as others have said buy a good make s/h rather than a new "thing".

Beware that cleaning a semi is a tad more time consuming than a o/u, the gas parts don't get burnt on carbon as badly as an SA80 but they do collect a pile of gunk.
A farmers son that I know has a Hatsan Escort that I have fixed a couple of times.

First time the die cast rocker attached to the feed ramp had shattered.

Second time a clip that goes around the tubular magazine had snapped.

The gun itself is getting a bit loose and wobbly, mostly due to him putting 50g loads through it.
A side by side or O?U is perfectly good for the job to be honest. I have a pump but I keep that for targets although it's quite suitable for larger vermin.
Had a Browning 5 shot semi years ago...
It never missed a beat , was chucked in the back of a landy for much of its life.
Would endorse the S/H quality route rather than new.
I have both over and unders and a Semi. I use a Winchester Super X2 with the 30" barrell. It's super. Personally, I would agree with the above post. You get what you pay for with a semi. The cheaper end will nearly always misfeed, especially as they start to get a bit fouled up.

The Winchester has two different sleeves for various loads (one for 28-32 and the other for 34 and above). I always keep it scrupulously clean and it pays back rewards time after time. Go for quality. I know that you just want something for bashing bunnies but you really don't want something that will miss feed all the time

Probably the best semi's on the market are the Beretta's. The 391 Urika is just the bee's knees. After that, the Remington 1100's and the Winchesters sit side by side (if you'll forgive the pun), for reliablity.

I believe that the Bennelli's are well thought of too.

PM me if you want more pointers.
menacingboots said:
Remington 870
He wants a semi auto. 870 is a pump.

I have a Remington 870 - brilliant bit of kit as alluded to above.

Remington's rifles are not something I'd bother with but they do make good shotguns.


I'm thinking of getting a new Beretta A400 - looks the biz for firing huge brenneke slugs at boar.....wonder if I can mount some sort of optic on it :)


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Alsacien said:
I'm thinking of getting a new Beretta A400 - looks the biz for firing huge brenneke slugs at boar.....wonder if I can mount some sort of optic on it :)
I believe there's some post-fit rigs you can use on a few guns to stick holosights and the like on.

Failing that, you can stick on some extra fibre optic tubes on the front to ensure that the image of the angry, charging 400lb boar is not the only (last) thing you see. :D

See you when you get here CQMS.

I'm closed from the 24th Dec until the 2nd Jan.
The practical guys almost universally go for Benelli shotguns -- there's no gas or recoil system to get kaked up, and they are reliable as far as semiauto shotguns go. The one disadvantage is that felt recoil is higher than a gas-driven equivalent, and they don't like light trap loads.

Has anyone ever actually made a properly reliable (as in 400 cartridges in a day without a stoppage from clean without subsequent cleaning) semiauto shotgun?
I've got a 391 Urika - it's good enough but has a temperamental spell ejecting after firing magnum loads, which may be specific rather than generic as it was second hand. I might get it serviced but where, Crudgington's is no more, lack a day??

I also like my W&S .410 bolt action for bunnies...if you just want one for the pot. Otherwise it can be a wait for the next one to come back but at least you get a sense of what the muzzle loading sportsman must have experienced! :)

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