Semen..... The medicine to cure all ill?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sunami, Aug 10, 2012.

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  1. Could oral sex be a pregnant woman's best defense against morning sickness? | Mail Online

    I've been telling women this for years FFS, now maybe they'll believe me.
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  2. I've had morning sickness it smells even stronger and tastes twice as salty at that time...the psychologist is lying I'd love to see the data on this one, wonder what type of experiment procedures took place....
  3. Well of course it doesn't work straight away sillybilly. Morning, noon and night and you'll be loving the taste in no time.
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  4. Well obviously they looked at pictures of pretty birds. Women, they can do one thing that we can't and don't they fucking let us know.
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  5. Come again?
  6. Or feed your man strawberries/ pineapples... May make t more palatable so I'm told (honest)
  7. Look love I'll just have steak and chips, fruit is for girls.

  8. Ok twat, two things.
  9. You any good at knitting?
  10. I think this is true. I'd bet Jarrod has never experienced morning sickness caused by pregnancy.
  11. Quite right and my hair gel is fucking ace.
  12. I tell them it's good for their complexion too.
  13. Can also make a wonderful pearl necklace too
  14. You must have a brother.