Semen Sunday

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Jul 14, 2013.

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  1. Clare Balding has just informed me it is Seamen Sunday,a day to "celebrate all those who work at sea" since when have we been doing this? I've never heard of it before?
  2. Can't see Balding getting too excited about semen.

    Thank heaven.
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  3. Oh I don't know, done worse
  4. I wonder how many Vicars across the country are eagerly anticipating today

    ...and how many choirboys are not.
  5. I think Semen Sunday is a routine celebration for a lot of Catholic priests.

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  6. Do we need to felate a mariner or something.....?
  7. It's not so much "need" as voluntary. In your own time, Llech.

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  8. ...form an orderly queue!
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  9. That is the first time you have said that
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  10. I always thought that Semen Sunday was when Saturday nights bonk had to wash either her sticky hair or her curtains or maybe both (if she was lucky).
  11. and him with a full mouth, too.
  12. Jarrod will be along shortly to give us his tips on marinating.
  13. He's bound to jump in with a splash......
  14. ♫ Oh cum get a faceful, from his trouser python♫
  15. Actually Sea Sunday. Been happening for years.

    [h=2]ABOUT SEA SUNDAY[/h]Piracy, shipwreck, abandonment and separation from
    loved ones are just a few of the problems merchant seafarers face.
    Around the world, The Mission to Seafarers provides help and support to the
    1.3 million men and women who face danger every day to keep our global economy
    afloat. We work in 250 ports caring for seafarers of all ranks, nationalities
    and beliefs. Through our global network of chaplains, staff and volunteers we
    offer practical, emotional and spiritual support to seafarers through ship
    visits, drop-in centres and a range of welfare and emergency support

    The official website for SEA SUNDAY 2013 : HOME
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