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Anyone know who was RSM @ SEME during the period 1988 - 1990? If I remember correctly there was at least two but the names escape me.
He was hoofed shortly afterwards. J. S***T took over from him in July 1990.
Deleted becausse I had my drinking head on, not my thinking head, sorry.
unclebink said:
Ste******n then Mac******ay... chalk and cheese!!!
I'd forgotten about Ste*****n. I first met him when he was a sgt storeman in 79 at SEME. He had hair then.
Manic_mechanic said:
If your thinking of the "drinks like a fish" and hid in the bushes to catch toads not in a squad (also found dry land skiing on lunch times). That was the Screaming Skull Mc****88888, After him came Tam.
You someone should have given the knobber a map, he was constantly going round E and F sheds, must have been lost.....
Manic_mechanic said:
No point giving him a map, he could not read one.

Barking mad and awesome one liners though. Not that many people have the balls to about turn a regiment and make em march off the square then back on. Just cos his wrist rank badge fell off as he marched on. Then proceed to try and jail more people in one go than anyone previous.

He succeded and we yhad much fun trying to squeeze into the nick by platoons.

Bring him back I say. RSM's are too soft these days.
I remember that day, the coppers could not do a thing as we were overflowing out the door.....
It was that pish head marathon runner bloke who put his car in the ditch outside the officers mess one morning when completely hammered. I know, cos i was guard 2ic and had to go sort it out. Then on Mon morning ordered to remove the page from the occurence book by one of his mates.

Can't remember more than Sir, but seem to remember that it was Mac something.
Who is the ex RSM who worked on the P.O.L point in the TTA around 1998 time??

Fair hair, quite literally barking...... 450 litres for the young man, yes, 450 litres for the young man. He sounded a little like Kenneth Williams of Carry On fame as he said it.....
That would be Stu Senior IIRC, The longest serving WO1 in REME, if not the Army at the time I think.

Guard mount with him as Ord Orifice was a scream.
We had 2 WRACs on our basic of them was on guard one night...

SS: What are those lumps in your jumper boy?

WRAC: Breasts Sir

SS: What the hell are you doing with breasts boy?

WRAC: I am a girl, Sir.

SS: A GIRL????? What the hell are you doing in the army then?

******* LEGEND :nod:

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