SEME MOSS link or 2013-14 Course Dates

Discussion in 'REME' started by Gun_Doc, Mar 13, 2013.

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  1. SEME have shut their tafmis website but have not put links to their MOSS site. Has anyone got a link to the new site or where they now keep the Course forecast?

    Many thanks

  2. Sorry but I left and guess my replacement wanted to use MOSS rather than the SharePoint site we had hosted by ARTD. You could give the Information Manager a ring on Monday, 01420 48 5604 and ask him to host it somewhere folk could see it.

  3. Many thanks big jim. This is a link to Arborfield Arms School, have you the link for SEME equipment courses?
  4. Send the Info Mgr an e mail on DII, the address will be something like SEME-COS-IM. Just had a look on the schools FB page but can't see it listed. However, what you're after is something called the 'Pink' which is a PDF of all this years courses. Be aware it does change throughout the year as the schedule changes.

  5. I've only got the same link as Pete mate.
  6. As the technology progresses information seems to be getting harder to find, the opposite of what's intended I presume......
  7. Yep. And people tell you off for just phoning up and asking!
  8. Has anyone actually asked the Information Manager or are we all just guessing? I have put the question on the SEME Facebook page, see what happens next but it might have to wait until they return from Easter, can't remember how long they have this year but could be FP 8 Apr 13.