SEME in Oz??

Alright fellas,
I'm moving to a little place called Albury in NSW later this year and whilst reseaching the area, I've been led to believe that the RAEME have got their version of SEME about 5 clicks down the road from me in a place called Bandiana, Victoria. Not only that but quite a few of our blokes have or are transferring over to their mob.

Have any of you got any info on the matter? It'd be great to team up with some fellow REEMS downunder.
There's a REME ASM there on Long Look at present, he's the ASM Land systems at SEAE, give him a bell in 3 months and he'll be home - as long as his kidneys are still working.

I've just been to Latchford Barracks (ASEME) for 7 weeks. The weather is very similar to UK (-4 last night). The nearest towns are Albury (NSW) and Wodonga (Victoria). There are ski fields about an hour away, Melbourne is 3 hours south(ish) and ther are some good wineries which also do a great Port.
Last I heard, ther were 3 lateral transferees posted there shortly, there's a VM there now who came over last year.

PM me if you like.

I have recently found out that I am going to Bandiana. I have only just received the letter so it wont be until after xmas but any info you can send me will be greatfully received

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