SEME Closing??

Discussion in 'REME' started by newy921, Oct 25, 2006.

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  1. Not managed to find any other threads on this topic but someone must know something.

    Basically, i am based at a TA REME unit and we had a brief the other week that bordon was closing. We are now expected as a Btn to run trade training courses with each coy specialising in a specific trade or trades. Our Coy is to run Armourer and Metalsmith courses.

    As this came as an official brief, i dont think its a windup. But has anyone even thought about the amount of equipment required to run such courses :?:

    Hope someone else can shed a bit of light on the subject.

  2. There has been talk of this for years, I guess it must finally going ahead. Wasn't Sultan meant to become one of the tri service training establishments and take over the lion's share of the steam REME courses?

    It would be a good opportunity to close Deepcut (Army) and rebrand it as some fancy multi service Foundation College! :D
  3. Yer i heard that a few years ago, not to sure what there goging to do about the Reccy Mech's though.
  4. i think our recovery coy is going to be running a knuckle dragging course :D
  5. We heard that about RE Fitter courses. Would be good that.
  6. Hang on!

    Hasnt the SULTAN thing fallen flat on its arrse? I heard it was dead in water due to many and varied reasons such as housing, public transport, medical facilities and other welfare related stuff, plus the Rech Mechs area would have to stay put on the slab anyway as theres nowhere else to realistically put it - especially at sultan. Then theres acess for the heavy 'A' kit. Then the RAF and Navy want to keep their specialist bits of training where they are so they can keep control over them unlike REME who seem keen to throw away what little control we still have over our destiny since the demise of our General's post......

    So the duty rumour I've heard is the EXACT opposite - Bordon will get bigger as opposed to closing!?

    Any more for any more?........
  7. The Defence Training Review (DTR) will soon announce the way forward. Someone might know what is going on, but I would be surprised that people are briefing before the announcement, as there is a huge sum of money and a lot of political pressure involved.

    IIRC, there are two options on the table for Tri-Service electromechanical training; one to focus on Bordon and one to focus on St Athan in S Wales. I understand that, even in the latter case, Bordon will be retained for recovery training. Another part of the Review wants to shut Blandford etc and collocate on RAF Cosford, but that does not involve REME.

    We are talking about a huge PFI contract for the two parts of DTR, so things might not go to plan! Even if the plan works, I guess that there will be no move before 2010-12.

    HMS Sultan was never really a viable option - I understand it was the so-called Public Sector Comparator. In other words, this is what we would do if we kept electro-mechanical training in-house.

  8. i dont see wot all the fuss is about, if whole fleet management goes ahead the REME as it stands will not exsist in the next ten years. All the instructors at SEME will have to go and get a real job not saying that they dont all do a good job. but if it was not for options for change they would all be on the scrap heap of farnborough.
  9. WFM is only for the training fleet. REME will still be needed for ops - and there are plenty of those to keep the Corps going in one form or another!

    Ten years before the RLC and REME combine? I can see that. But who will take over the other?

  10. For what its worth the barber outside camp reckons her Councillors have told her to "rest assured, you will still have a job cutting hair in Bordon"
    Ha Ha that's better than the NAAFI cleaners' two pence worth that you know!

    :geek: "Number one press down hard please" :D
  11. Litotes is correct in his assumption with regards to both SEME and St Athans, the horses mouth spoke last week (more of whisper) and confirmed that the only 2 options are those. In reality there will be a lot of time to pass before Bordon closes it cannot be done overnight, this callsign believes that St Athans will get the nod, SEME will eventually close and those who believe that the Recy Mechs are safe watch out there is plenty of real estate at St Athans and Bordon is worth a lot of money per hectre!!!However i take you back to the original post from newy921 and ask why would a TA Unit run its own trade courses (Do you have qualified instructors) and why would a TA Unit have been told that Bordon was closing? Maybe it's the end for TA trade training there but at least a while before the decision to close/not close will be made.
  12. I think the SEME move fell flat on it arrse too as the toon relies on our input. Face it the inbred, webbed toe, DSS window-licking Chav that has its Habitat on that road jus past Safeway where no soldier needs/dares to go down in fear of loosing the wheels off his car or the duty rover. The Rech Mech's need the area and SULTAN doesn't offer the right sort of training grounds, unless mowing down navy boys can be marked for the sillybus required of a recovery task. will finish this later gotta scoot....
  13. Typical gun fitter/rpg'er
    read the posts mate,
    Sultan is out of the running and the population of Bordon spreads further than 5'o'dives and the kebab van.
    The town in itself relies as much on Tesco as it does the camp, do you think it will make much difference to the economy if DSEME moves?
    I don't think that argument has much substance.

    As to the Recy assets, well its only a few HETS/LETS to be hired, in fact let the students do the road move, it would provide training value to it.
  14. Wasn't Bovington mooted as a place for the messy wrecks to go?
  15. More info here.

    Is Blandford being sold thread

    This bid seeks to include comms and EME training amongst other things in RAF St Athan - the rival bid is based on RAF Cosford, but the hot favourite is RAF St Athan.

    Its going to take 5+ years to build though so don't expect too much action before 2012. The announcment is due next month though. Watch this space.

    Slight tangent.
    RLC and REME merging? I've heard the same idea flated about REME and R Signals. Surely this one army concept is being taken too seriously?