Selous Scout Dennis Croukamp's medals stolen.


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Sorry to cross post this, but I feel it necessary to get this out there.

Bill Wiggill of the Rhodesian Light Infantry Association writes -

"Dennis Croukamp has advised me that in looking for his medals at his residence in the Cape, they were gone. The medals have his name engraved on the rims and his Selous Scouts wings have the number # 10 engraved on them.

Never mind the value of these but the loss to Dennis in all ways is a great one. We are asking that if you come across these or have connections in the 'Militaria Collectors' business in any form that you kindly pass on this info on these illegal items of memorabilia now possibly out there.

The medals/embellishments stolen from Dennis include the following:

Bronze Cross of Rhodesia
General Service Medal (Rhodesia)
Zimbabwe Independence Medal
General Service Medal ( SADF)
Pro Patria Medal (SADF)
Cross Border Medal (SADF)
Selous Scouts Individual Wings ( # 10)

This is a sincere appeal that we all be on the look out for these and you can advise Dennis directly or/and me if you hear about/see or have any ideas that might lead to the recovery of these personal effects.

Dennis is a member of the RLIRA in good standing and that someone would steal these is an affront to all of us."

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