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Ord_Sgt said:
OK I've got an Imate Jam windows phone going spare. 128 meg internal ram, 2 gig SD card. Complete with Tom Tom 6 and an external bluetooth GPS. Home chargers, car chargers and adapters and a mount for the windscreen.Make me an offer with all proceeds going into the pot.

I'll start at 70 squidlys
Good man. Come on peeps, great phone, touch screen of course. You can have your email on it, surf the net, GPS navigation and play games amongst lots of other stuff. Bargain whoever gets it.
Cheers qman. Lets keep this simple, first one to a hundred quid takes it. Bargain.
It's not sim-locked of course so you can use it on any network.


War Hero
right sweetheart I'll take it for £100.....dread to think what or where MDN would put it! Please let me know how you want the gelt and I'll get it off to you today
105 :D

Yours mate, unless anyone else wants it........
Well done qman. Money goes to MDN and I'll post it out to you today.
Monies received from Qman

minister_doh_nut said:
Monies received from Qman

And the phone with bits is in the post. Should take about a week from Holland, its gone by registered post, so don't worry if it takes a bit longer because of xmas traffic.

Thanks qman and enjoy your new phone.
Thanks Ord, the MBE is in the post.
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