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I've got a mate just aeromedded back from Afghan. in Selly Oak I believe, I am after which ward mil patients are now on. I have tried the ward I was on in there, but apparently they have now moved wards? I am after the ward and a contact no if possible ASAP as I have only as few days of R & R left and I really want to see him.

EDIT: PM if needs be.
Try the switchboard on 0121 627 1627, they should be able to put you through to the Mil Ward who can tell you if he's there.
As stated before call the hospital switch on 0121 627 1627 but ask for the Military Admin Cell in K Block. They will be able to tell you exactly which ward and hospital your mate is on.

Don't go asking for the Mil Ward because patients go to the most appropirate department no nessecerary S4.

Any drams PM me with details and i'll find out full details for you



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Sorted. I have found the gen out. Many thanks to everyone who replied. Mods you can close this now if necessary.

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