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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by TABBER, Oct 30, 2006.

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  1. As we all know, the treatment of our wounded by this hospital is a disgrace. Personally I hold the MOD and government responsible for closing dedicated military hospitals.

    Would a campaign of slanderous and disgusted letters from everyone on arrse to Selly Oak hospital possibly shake the civvy managment into focus.

    I'm prepared to start writing pending on how well this suggestion is recived, one has already gone off to the local MP. - what more can you do.
  2. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    tabber, this is being handled quite well here,
    Selly Oak

    not sure if another thread is needed? I am sure the standard of care is of the highest order available under their budget constraints. The whole MP thing was based on security matters and not really treatment as such.
  3. TABBER wrote - 'As we all know, the treatment of our wounded by this hospital is a disgrace'


    the treatment that my colleagues in Selly Oak give , EXCEEDS that given by our NHS friends.

    Your point should be directed at the lack of appropriate facilities to care for wounded and injured service personnel!!

    what was your grading on your Basic Skills?????
  4. Tabber

    A letter-writing campaign may just help the admin types rather than the troops.

    An erstwhile colleague told me that his good lady worked in a government department that had laid down some tax policy or other. For some reason one of the most affected areas was Cornwall, so they were flooded with as many as five letters.

    All those from Cornwall mentioned "twenty thousand Cornishmen will know the reason why".

    The outcome was that the office-wallah concerned recommended that they took on three additional temp typists to deal with the flood of correspondence.

    My how she blushed !!.
  5. What a waste of hot air. Of course the MoD and the Government closed the hospitals. Who else could have closed them? The Teletubbies?

    Do you really think so? If bunch of anonymous members of a web site (many of who are nothing to do with the military) wrote to the unbelievably over-worked hospital management those letters, no matter how strongly worded (do you mean slanderous?), will end up in the bin.
  6. I am in no doubt that the nurses, doctors and almost all administrators in that hospital are doing their utmost to help and treat the soldiers under their care. Don't shoot the (wo)man on point, shoot Blair.
  7. Selly Oak - Great knocking shop! Themed rooms and everything.

    Err, apparently!
  8. Is Cuddles still in Selly Oak? Opposite the Dilashad on Bristol Road