Selly Oak Still Letting the Troops Down?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, May 12, 2008.

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  1. From the Telegraph

    For once a properly sourced, balanced article from the Telegraph
  2. welll what do you expect.
    non medical DGs of AMS.
    end of mil hospitals.
    a govt policy of equality meaning our troops get same treatment as drug addled, dole supported,alcohol fueled scum.
    saw it coming in 91-left RAMC then,stayed in UK and reserves till end of 90s when it was clear the game was up.
    UK centre for scum.
    hiv pos asylum seekers welcomed,ghurkas not.
    war widows in penury,dole seekers given more benefits for illegitamate kids.
    feckless youth feted as special ,whilst soldiers decried as war crims.
    schools not allowed to have christian content or army careers in, whilst mad mullas preach death in front of our police.
    last sane person in UK please switch light off-no just leave it on,no one is working so it wont be paid anyway.
  4. though all the forces hospitals have been closed, are there any still around or have they all been dimolished???
  5. I agree- the Officer is quite right for not criticising the staff - they are NOT the problem - not having proper BMH's is but nobody will admit it and do a U Turn.

    I wonder where all of the "extra" resources have gone?
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Those resources will have been squandered by succesive govts as a defense windfall and use to keep themselves in flat screen TVs, hookers, rent boys and badger watching expeds for the welsh. Not forgetting foreign language teachers for foreign cnuts who bleed our welfare state dry!
  7. The Royal Hospital Haslar in Gosport is the last military hospital in the UK and will be closed in 2009 (link).

    Ironically, this was in the Portsmouth News last month (link):

    Fancy a spot of marching?
  8. so why in gods name are people being sent to selly oak and not to Haslar??? there seems to me, to be a clear case for needing it and not closing it, this government amazes me,
  9. Whilst I'm not saying that what is happening now is right yet, it needs to be borne in mind that Capt. Hewitt's stay in Selly Oak, which is what he appears to be referring to in the article, was nearly a year ago when there were a lot of threads on here about Selly Oak.

    I believe things have improved somewhat since then (though see my first comment...). The superbug criticism is still, however, very valid.

    The timing seems to be connected with the launch of SOPARA, to support the PARA soldiers who are on ops.

  10. Depends where to, to what music and armed with what? :twisted: I am becoming more Cromwellian as I get older.

    The problem is is that none of the politicos or high up MoD Staff (and I include Uniforms in this) are going to admit they made a mistake - well they did and everybody knows it. A simple " Sorry, we made a decision but in hindsight it was wrong and we are now going to change that decision" would be welcome by eerybody and they might even get a bit of kudos from it.

    Although I am not sure if honesty and integrity are worth a fcuk these days.
  11. Thank You Psychobabble.

    I for one hadn't realised that it was so long ago.
  12. psycho, don't forget that a year ago, the Military top Doc, and senior staffs, Zanu Ministers, were saying how fantastic it was at Selly Oak, according to the CoC nothing needed to be improved.

    Can't have it both ways can we?

    I'd sooner listen to someone who has experienced it. Seem to remember we have been at war for a number of years now.

    CDS is not convinced of the need for Military hospitals, but I guess he has little chance of needing to use one.
  13. Every word that comes out of his mouth sounds like its a bullet point on a powerpoint presentation on how to spin. Contemptible little worm.
  14. At the end of the day Selly Oak is an NHS trust and is run like the others as a VERY BAD business (If they were any good they would get paid twice as much as managers in the private sector).

    No matter how many military resources we provide it will always be civilian led and therefore our boys and girls will get the same level of care as a benefits cheat and any other drudgery society can offer up as bed blockers.

    Selly Oak does however have better facilities than RH Haslar ever has or will. Haslar wouldnt know what the hell to do with a polytrauma victim and would be the first to admit it.

    Even if we miraculously discovered the funding for our own hospital and could ensure that it had all the latest kit, we could never guarantee we could treat our own. Partly because our medical staff like the rest of teh services would be on Ops and partly because we just dont have the clinical specialties required.

    An example would be how many of our boys and girls who get caught in an IED or VBIED suffer from bad burns and just how many specialist Burns beds are available at any one time across the WHOLE of the UK?

    Ask your MP...

    Long gone are the days when the AMS/DMS or whatever we will be called. Will be able to look after its own outside of our in theatre assets (Which are still very well run facilities)

    Anyway good job on teh Para Capt speaking up, although I think he will probably get a thousand phonecalls including one from Gen Dannet calling him a CNUT :)
  15. You can safely extrapolate the situation in Selly Oak to any NHS hospital in the UK, whether you are forces or not the system is screwed