Selly Oak Non-Sense

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by GP19, May 1, 2007.

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  1. I have just visited a colleague who has been medivaced to Selly Oak from Afghanistan. He arrived in the kit he was wearing in theatre (combats) and when I visited him he was in a lovely small ward with just one other pateient, a civi called Mohammed.

    Now, I know that I am a new poster here but does this strike anyone else as a bit daft?
  2. journo radar is beeping off the scale!!!!
  3. Suggest you re-calibrate radar.
  4. Yeah it is a bit daft - he went to Afghanistan to get away from you, gets hurt, then you turn up like a bad smell.

    Best regards,
    Mohammed the civi,
    Lovely small ward,
    Selly Oak Hospital.
  5. Nope, my radar is correctly calibrated and its screaming out "Journo" and "Troll".
  6. What do you expect him to come home in - a 3 piece suit ! Lets speak to Selly Oak and arrange for all the non-white people with non-British sounding names to be moved eh. prikc :roll:
  7. Apperently, you have to go to Tehran to come home in a 3 piece suit.
  8. Thats no way to describe the RAF's mess kit :p