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Hi everyone,

well my husband was admitted to selly oak after being injured in an rpg attack in afghanistan last month, and i said i would let you know how he got on at the hospital, and i have to say that they were really brilliant there, and i didn't see the neglect they are all too eager to talk about in the papers. The level of care was really high and apart from a nurse with an attitude everything ran smoothly! hee hee! He's getting out of hospital soon and will be back home with me and our daughter so we are all very pleased about that, and i hope that those of you who are serving in the forces will ignore the terrible things you hear in the papers about the hospital, coz however much we would like a military only ward, it would seem that they are making the best of what they've got.

Anyway that's all. just wanted to let you all know, and i have directed my husband to this website and told him what a friendly lot you are so you might find him lurking around here somewhere! hee hee!


Brilliant to hear that your hubby will soon be heading home and that his stay in hospital has been as good as it can be. All the best to all of you for the future!
Good news, Nixta, and thanks for the information. Be careful with him though, as he will be delicate for a while!

Glad to hear things have gone well. Were you and your daughter able to stay at the hospital, and were the facilities good?
Nixta thanks for letting us know, my best wishes to you all.
Im glad things went well for you. I had a lot of dealings with Selly oak when my Battalion were in Iraq. Like you I found everyone most helpful. The RAF team were fantastic. The accommodation was a little basic but good, not that the Mums, Dads or girlfriends minded.
Just over the other side of town at the Queen Elizabeth the specialists were just that, special. We had 46 soldiers go through the system some VSI or VVSI. We had a bit of trouble with the press at one time as they tried to get accsess to one of our guys, twats.
I hope your hubby makes a full recovery Nixta, My regards to both of you.
Give your husband all our best wishes in his speedy recovery and return to the job he loves.


I'm very pleased Nixta, you must be looking forward to getting him home. Tell him all at ARRSE send their regards!
Glad to hear some positive feedback about the people working at Selly Oak. Miss Threepwood and her mate both work there, although Miss GT works mainly in the UHB. So it'll be nice for them to hear that someone is pleased with the help and service that they've provided rather than taking flak all the time.

Glad to hear your husband is on the road to recovery too!

If he's due for further outpatient care, keep this forum posted on it as well - for good or ill.

Good luck and get well soon to your fella.
Good News about your Husband, glad to hear that you were impressed by the efforts of the staff.
I think we should also remember that one person does not speak for all, i am sure there are cases where soldiers are not treated well. With all the media attention i expect Selly Oak are trying to impress.

I speak from personnal experience that not all wounded soldiers are looked after as well as they should be.

BBC Midlands Today are running a piece on casualties arriving at Birmingham Airport tonite a 6.30pm.

Good PR from the RCDM staff explaining the excellent Aeromed system whereby a casualty can be plucked from the battlefield and be in Selly Oak within 24 hrs in some cases.

Shame the locals have complained about the noise these aircraft make at night. But hey what do you expect if you buy a house near an airport.

I think its about time the MOD stood up for what we do for our casualties and the excellent treatment they get.

I know some of the military staff at RCDM and they work damn hard around the clock ensuring our patients get the best treatment. The university birmingham hospitals have the best specialist in the country and give our forces superb treatment.

Well done RCDM keep it up.
Having been in Selly Oak a few times - admitedly as a civvy, and delivered direct from the rugby pitch, I've got no complaints about the place - apart from pretty awful food (15 years ago). It's good to hear that yet again, some of our journalistic friends are off the mark. Good luck to you husband Nixta, speedy recovery, and hope you get some good quality family time now!
Glad to hear that your husband will be OK, and heartened to see something good being said about Sellyoak after all the media bashing. I was surprised to be told at a Staff Officer meeting today that the incident where the Muslim accosted a wounded soldier actually took place 2 years ago. I obviously cannot verify that news (and we are talking about Staff Officers here!), but if true, it would merely reinforce the existing opinion I have of our glorious media.
Nixta, glad all is working out well for you, and I completely agree with you comments about Selly Oak.
I can only comment on my own experiences but having spent the last 6 months+ get treated in German Hospitals, a visit to a consultant in Birmingham which entailed a stay at Selly Oak and Aeromed fm Germany, and finally re-hab at Headley Court (my god I am a clumsy shit, I really should stop being such an ungainly arse) I can say that I have been treated exceptionally well, with the utmost respect and have wanted for nothing thruoghout. My MO has worked tirelessly to support me and get me access to the treatment that I needed. My family and I have been supported by my Regt to the extent that it is quite humbling to personally experience the ‘Regimental Family’ dig in for you when you need them.
From an accident that nearly killed me, through Re-hab and back to P2FE in just over 6 month is evidence that the Medical Services and the way the Army will look after it’s own, are not what the media will (and does) portray in order to serve their own political aims.

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