Selly Oak Hospital and the casualties of the Afghanistan war

Selly Oak Hospital and the casualties of the Afghanistan war
Mar 8 2010 By Phil Vinter

An increasing number of injured soldiers are being treated at Birmingham’s Selly Oak Hospital as the conflict in Afghanistan intensifies. Phil Vinter visits the military ward to find out how medics are coping.

The wounded are the footnotes of war. Those who pay for their courage with their lives receive full military funerals. Tributes are paid in the media and by the Prime Minister.

But for those who stare death in the face yet defy the odds and live there are no tributes from Gordon Brown and no mention in the papers.

The forgotten army of permanently damaged service personnel are labelled ‘the lucky ones’, because they survived. Yet the injuries they receive are so debilitating their lives are changed forever.

Arms and legs blown off by improvised explosive devices, eyeballs shredded by flying pieces of shrapnel, colostomy bags permanently fitted because the bowel is ruptured beyond repair. Unpleasant reading isn’t it? But that’s the reality of what happens to the ‘lucky’ ones.
Get used to it,mate.....this war isn,t going to go away over night and this Govt.can,t even give blind people guide dogs, unless we all drop our spare change into the G.D.F.T.B. collection boxes at our local pubs.We can,t even have a life boat service unless we pay for it in collection boxes.....Blind people pay N.I, so do Life boat men......and we live on a flipping Island!!!!
I,m heavily into the British Legion,collecting as much as I can.....but this Govt.should be paying for all this....instead of dipping their hands in the expenses till.

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