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We've been contacted by West Midlands Police who are planning to raise money for the Royal College of Defence Medicine (Selly Oak) by pulling a plane across the Elmdon terminal of Birmingham International Airport on 15 Mar 2008. Clearly this is an excellent charity and the event looks as though it is going to be extremely high profile.

I'd like to encourage all ARRSErs to read the letter below and consider if they are able to support the event. In particular they are looking for donations (see website) and/or companies to provide sponsorship. If you are aware of any of the latter then please drop Inspector Rob Williams a line through the contact details on his web page.

One of the saddest duties that we police officers here at Birmingham International Airport have to perform is policing the arrival of the medical evacuation flights from Afghanistan and Iraq. We have decided that we would like to do something to help those men and women who are injured in the course of their service for their country. We have, accordingly, been in touch with the officers in command of the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine, based at Selly Oak Hospital, to see how we can help. They would like to develop their facilities by creating a restful garden area that would be of particular benefit to those soldiers who have to stay long-term, as well as the visiting families of all soldiers. We have also requested the military to prepare a list of all other items required to make the stay of soldiers and families as comfortable as possible. We have accordingly, committed ourselves to raising the money necessary to fulfil these projects. We have decided that all excess funds raised will be donated to a selection of Forces� charities: the three Benevolent Funds, BLESMA and St Dunstan�s, for example.

We plan to raise this money on 15 March 2008, by pulling a plane across the apron of the Elmdon terminal of Birmingham International Airport. We have secured a plane for this purpose from Flybe. We will then recreate the journey of the wounded from the airport to the RCDM at Selly Oak, by carrying a stretcher and �patient�, a journey of 14 miles.

It has been decided that, to demonstrate the true variety of support for this venture, members of the three services will be joining us, members of the Airport Fire Service and the Ambulance Service will also be invited.

I would be very pleased if your organisation felt that it was able to support us in this charitable, non-political, venture to recognise our debt to these young men and women. If you are, would you please make any cheque payable to the �Airport Police Charity Fund�?

I thank you in advance for your support. Unless you request otherwise, please understand that I will not be issuing a receipt, so as to reduce our costs to a minimum. If you would like a receipt please consider providing an e-mail address.
What a super gesture and touching sentiment; I wish them the very best with this and will certainly pass the word around.
BCO, you need to get on to them.

Applaude them again for their excellent efforts and then kick their arrses for their crap website!

No contact details for them or for adding additional corporate sponsorship (as I'm sure they know, official corporate sponsorship has tax implications for everyone that benefits the giver and reciever)

Times for the event would be nice as well so that we can go along and give some support.

I would have sent this to them direct BUT, their isn't a contact email address on the site!!

I will be 100% behind them and may even consider turning up with a large bucket and a hammer in order to extract additional sponsorship on route. Well, I would if I knew what time it was starting :)

Now that I've finished slating them for something that they have absolutely no moral obligation to do and is an excellent reminder of the bond between our service and other public security services, I'll go away and wait for the email address to turn up ;)
I've had some more details for Rob .... (my fault for not posting the email address!)

I note the comment about my e-mail was on my original letter but for some reason was not posted onto the website.

I can be contacted on

Here are some further details:

The plane pull will commence at 9 am and we aim to leave the airport by 10.30 am (depending upon how long the photographers hold us up/how difficult it is to pull a plane uphill). It is being held in front of the original Elmdon Terminal and Flybe have given us a brand new Embraer 195 plane for the event. I'm not sure how long it will take to complete the walk but I'm working on 3 miles per hour.

I have confirmed teams from the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine, HMS Forward (RN/RM/Naval cadets), 99 Squadron RAF, trainee military nurses from Birmingham City University, as well as West Midlands Police and Airport Fire Service. 202 Field Hospital will also be providing support.

We have permission to collect along the route, except in Solihull Town Centre, although we have been given special permission to collect in Touchwood Shopping Centre. The Royal British Legion have kindly helped by providing collecting tins.

I am not able to gain tax concessions for donations because the RCDM is not a registered charity.

I shall ask my colleague about a banner. It can be based on the slogan: "Pulling Together for HM Forces Injured in Action".

We are currently nearly half way towards our desired total.

For any police officers on the site there was an article about the event in
last week's Police Review.

Thanks for your support, but remember we are doing this not only to help those in hospital, but also to show the armed forces that there are plenty of people out there thinking of them.
I've asked Rob why Solihull have said no .....
Thanks for your support, its good to see the work the Armed Forces are doing are appreciated by some, Mr Brown and your fellow Liar, cheats, and back stabbers take note.
And another .....
[align=center]Birmingham International Airport
Elmdon Terminal
15th March 2008
0900 for the
erm pull off![/align]
[align=center] 8O :D [/align]
DozyBint said:
[align=center]Birmingham International Airport
Elmdon Terminal
15th March 2008
0900 for the
erm pull off![/align]
[align=center] 8O :D [/align]
All that way to be pulled off? Cheaper in a sleezy pub in Aldershot!

The latest news on this is that they are over the £10,000 mark which is clearly great.

Can I suggest people may like to visit the website to find out more! Only a couple of days to go ......
Well it would appear that this went extremely well - full details here.

I'm sure everyone will join me to say a big thank you to Rod and his team for all their efforts.
Not a fan of the rozzers as many will know.

But, well done to the West Mids (and any others involved) police, in this event, have sent my pledge, although probably minor, hope it helps.

Once again, hearty congratulations to all involved :thumleft:
It would appear that Inspector Rob Williams is a one man fund raising machine .....

I contacted you a couple of months ago to state that I was intending to complete the Nijmegen Marches this July. Well, I have today received confirmation that I have a place. So, only 120 miles to go!

I have decided to support BLESMA by sponsoring an ex-serviceman to go skiing next winter, this will cost £1500. BLESMA fully endorse my efforts and I shall be wearing a BLESMA t-shirt as I walk/crawl across the line on 24 July. Would you be kind enough to publicise my efforts on your website?

I have a blog and a justgiving account

Last year you publicised the airport police unit's efforts from B'ham Airport as we raised £21,000. You may like to know that there is a follow-up to this on BBC1 this Saturday evening at 6.55pm on the new John Barrowman show, 'Tonight's the Night'. Please feel free to enjoy my shock, surprise and stunned expression!
Thanks for your support, its good to see the work the Armed Forces are doing are appreciated by some, Mr Brown and your fellow Liar, cheats, and back stabbers take note.
I did the "Marathon des Sables this year and raised £1836 for Help for Heroes charity.
I was happy personally to do this, but it is sad that they have to rely on individuals to raise the funds that really should come from central government.
MP's look forward to a comfy retirement with an income much higher than our in theatre people could ever hope to match, and this gold plated pension, paid for by us is much higher than received by those who have to somehow rebuild a life altered forever by their injuries :x

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