Selling un-named medals not marked COPY - is this legal ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Cutaway, Mar 30, 2008.

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  1. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    While searching for an image of a SAM, I came across one which was un-named, being sold as "a top quality replacement for a medal that has been lost, stolen or just misplaced" - ie ready for any walts to get named.
    See here.


    I thought it was strange & on looking found several more:
    Another un-named SAM. Click here.




    Un-named GSM 1962. Click here. "Does NOT Have The Word 'Copy' Written on it"

    Given the quality of engraving available now, (see below,) any bugger can get 'real' gongs made for themselves.

    Some of these look slightly different to the originals, but it might be the photo quality.

    How long until these crop up in the Legion and on parades pinned to sad cnuts ?
    Should and can anything be done about this ?
  2. To be honest mate, nothing can be done in my opinion.

    I've got a set of copies of my own.

    If you are sad enough to wear a set of gongs that aren't your own then I suppose you only have to live with yourself.
  3. Cutaway, sadly not illegal to purchase nor sadly is it illegal to get them mounted and worn..the US have the stolen honour act we do not....what can be done, I beleve that on leaving government service you should have listed on your "retired" ID card your medal entitlement or if marching with the Legion part of the approval for doing so would be to submit your entitlement to the branch.

    sadly though I feel this will piss the good guys off, and with laser naming I feel that more people will purchase copy medals and wear them.

    Of course with rare and valuable medals (VC) it is best to get a "tailors" copy
  4. Problem is there are far too many people out there who CAN live with themselves.
  5. When you compare the medals together with originals, the quality just isn't there, Anyway, if you get replacement medals from the medal office, it doesn't say COPY on it, it has a small 'R' for replacement!
  6. I've just discovered an oppo of mine on facebook who's wearing a Jubilee medal. Now, the pair of us both joined up at the age of 17 in the same entry at basic training, both of us weren't in the cadets beforehand and both of us missed out on being eligible for it by a couple of months.

    How fcuking sad is that-why bother wear the jubilee medal if you're not eligible for it?
  7. I have a friend who has done the same! frustrating though isn't it. I know if it was the other way around, and somebody else put up a gong and were not entitled to it, he would kick off! People believe that you can buy and wear the QGJ medal if you feel like it, THERE IS STILL A QUALIFICATION PERIOD FOR THE MEDAL, if you joined after 6th feb 1997, you cannot wear it!
  8. You had to be an AI for 5 years in the Cadets to Qualify I believe, not just a Cadet.
  9. I missed out by a few months as well - but did the date for the medal go from commencement of training, or from attestation? That might explain it?

    *edit - I've just found this - says who enlisted before 7th Feb 1997

  10. Taken from the MOD website:

    Qualifying criteria

    Awarded to personnel of the Regular, Reserve and Cadet forces who were in effective service on 6 February 2002, who had completed 5 full calendar years reckonable service and were properly enlisted on or before 7 February 1997.
  11. Yep - seen.

    *edit - misread & mistyped the date - I joined up a year afterwards :D
  12. I think this whole issue really stinks. I just can't quite get my head around why anyone would ever want to claim the honour of a medal that they hadn't personally earned, it should be a criminal offence for walts to pose in hardware they have merely bought.

    It can't be too much trouble for the names of recipients of all honours to be centrally registered, ideally publicly accessible via a website?
  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Aye, for official replacements. They're engraved on the rim either with 'R' or previously with 'REPLACEMENT.'

    However when buying an example of a medal for a collection, they always used to be marked 'COPY' on the reverse.

  14. Wish I had missed out, it would have saved me some money having to mount it.
  15. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    I know a couple of TA bods who wear one because they got it with their day jobs as coppers. If it was awarded by the crown, in whatever service, you can wear it on your military uniform apparently.