Selling the Family Silver

I drove past Keogh Bks (DMSTC Ash Vale) the other day and there it was, another MOQ patch up for sale by Annington Homes. The rationale to sell off surplus (sic) MQs is beyond my pay grade. It just seems to me that when they bought the housing stock, with the provisos that they could sell of a percentage of "surplus stock", they were obviously going to sell of those MQs in prime areas to maximum profits. As a result, we now have a shortage of MQs in many areas, like Keogh (spooky) and Camberley. I did a bit delving and the background to this whole sorry saga is even more depressing:

Taken from the records of Parliamentary Questions (

Bob Russell: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence how much has been received by the Exchequer under the Sale of Agreement profit share scheme with Annington Homes Limited in respect of former service families' accommodation in England and Wales, how many service families' accommodation units in England and Wales were sold to Annington Homes Limited; and what the average price per dwelling was;

Dr. Moonie: The sale to Anningtons of 57,428 properties in England and Wales raised £1.662 billion for the Exchequer. The average price per dwelling was approximately £29,000. Since the sale in November 1996, Annington has received £665 million in rent for properties in England and Wales. The rent paid to Annington is discounted by 58 per cent. from the market value inter alia, to reflect the Ministry of Defence's continuing maintenance responsibility.

Depressing stuff - particularly that the average price Annington paid per MQ was only £29,000.
Not to worry. There'll soon be so few people in the Army that we could all squeeze into a 4 bedroom place.

It does seem very short-sighted considering we are now allowing same sex couples to have MQs. Wont be long before common-law couples can get one and then we will be proper fecked. End up having to rent then at a much higher price. But then again, that will just come out of the defence budget ergo, less troops and kit. All this goes on whilst Brun counts the money from his reckless sell-off.

Cynical? Me?

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