Selling Tax Free Vehicle in UK (again)

Can you sell your new tax free vehicle in the UK after posting back / demob and following 6 months of ownership and UK registration without having to repay the Tax?

Bfg Regs state you must retain the vehicle for 12 months on return however previous threads, posters and even Bfg Car dealers state that tax authorities require you only to retain the vehicle for 6 months. The year requirement is a BFG imposed restriction. If you break it you and your family will receive a 5 year ban on future BFG motoring privileges. As I like so many others have left the Army this does not impact me at all.

I have tried calling the Tax authorities/help lines etc but no one has a clue, there is a specialist department at Dover but they never answer their lines. We are 11 months one week into ownership of our dreaded S-max. We started shopping around for a replacement and before we knew it had signed on the dotted line for a replacement assuming the process would take weeks. Unfortunately these people are the Easyjet of the Car sales world, everything revolves around shifting cars quickly and insist on completing the process by the end of the week (new Month etc). On the one hand I could lose my deposit, on the other £3500 in repaid tax! Help

Has anyone else successfully sold a Tax free vehicle after 6+months of ownership without penalty? As the Army/BFG shrinks this must be a relatively common issue.
You answer your own question in your question. 6 months. The BFG rules were introduced to stop you changing cars every 6 months like a conveyor belt while over there.
You should have bought a Jag.

How long have you been out? As some aspects of military law still apply upto 6 months after discharge, or am I getting my wires crossed and you can still be called back to face military law upto 6 months after discharge?

But then again, if you are not breaking UK tax law, and the only punishment you'd get from the army for breaking the 12 month thing would be a restriciton of BFG privileges, what have you go tto lose? Sell the sodding thing, and if its no longer BFGed, and with you no longer being in, they'll never find out. Job jobbed.
Not sure about BFG penalties, but you have to pay Car Duty and VAT on any imported or "tax free" vehicle, BFG or not, and any age - in theory.

Its a fairly nebulous procedure, but in general you are supposed to declare the vehicle to a Customs post at port of entry where they have a vehicle specialist (eg Dover, Southampton). The Customs will then make a deemed valuation of the vehicle, based on its age, and give you a bill for the due duty & tax.
Hi, I hope you enjoy your new car however, a word to the wise yes! previous threads are correct your out and what can they do. That said, a wise man said tax will always be due noting it does not matter what Civ deals say
as you purchased the car under BFG C&I/uk PTU rules. For the sake of a month or so delay your sale, I am sure the dealer in this day and age would hopefully understand. That said you will do what you want to but you may be looking over your shoulder for a while.

Good luck
Go for it, I did and it cost me 3000 euro, but who cares with all my LOA and Kindergeld. Oh and a 3 year ban which is up next month winner, new car!!
4t, you are poorly informed. It is perfectly possible (and legal) to bring a tax free BFG car back to the UK without paying the tax. You just have to ensure you comply with the appropriate regulations and timings which are in place to ensure the vehicle is genuinely used for personal use rather than just bought to turn around for a profit.

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