Selling stuff in the cookhouse


Went in the cookhouse yesterday lunchtime and there was a guy selling sports gear and assorted stuff to the masses.

Anyone know if they contribute anything to the regt for this 'privilage'?
I remember the girl who used to flog stickies and papers in the Cookhouse at Harrogate telling me that she made a donation from profits into the PRI fund. As anyone who went to Harrogate knew, the PRI fund had the main purpose of buying the Officers Mess new silver, so that was alright then.

Suffice to say, they have probably made a deal, with a contribution going to the welfare fund, PRI, Resturant Improvement Fund or some such.

Good old cookhouse casuals @yeah we'll take the money out of ur account at the start of the month over 3 months uteer b!@#llocks all out in a oner thenn the CO banned em from camp!
Maybe they're learning from the Telic experience. In the cookhouse in Basrah you could buy genuine fake Rolex's, chav style jewelry, carpets, paintings etc. Don't think any of the money was going any a PRI, though

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