selling stories while still serving??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jibman, Apr 8, 2007.

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  1. i think its great the navy and marine personnel are back home,and i for one have no bitch about them appearing on tv,after all we all knew the iranians would try to milk a propaganda scoup going to any lengths to achieve it.the main thing is the people are back home where they belong,what i can,t fcuking understand is why the fcuk the military are leaving them profit from selling their me old fashioned but i,m sure during my time you needed to be an ex military bod to sell stories or write books about your actual experiences??
  2. Jib,

    It's because the MOD have been royally fcuked up the arrse in Info Ops terms and they've run out of ideas and thus have resorted to allowing them to sell their stories...

    Not all of them will sell it though...
  3. i think a lot will depend on the figures that are quoted/offered to them.

    just watched channel 4 news & they were quoting £150,000 for the doris' story.

    that is a lot of cash.

    we will see.
  4. She'll be offered that amount because a lot of the focus was on her because of who she is.

    The baby matelots and booties won't get offered anywhere near that amount.
  5. all fighting for the same country :?: :?: :?: :?:
  6. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    There was a First Sea Lord Admiral type of Matelo' on the news before who said he thought that any funds raised could be given to service's charities so no sour taste was left from liason with the Media. Pretty sound idea.

  7. You would like to think so Knocker however....
  8. no problem with this at all,but i do if they personally profit from their story while still serving.
  9. I would say good luck to them, get as much as they can from the media, write a book, sell movie rights.. whatever. :boogie: Only proviso being security and I would encourage them to make a donation to SSAFA or some other military charity.
    If it hadn't been for the books and stories I read of people like David Sterling, Douglas Bader, T.E. Lawrence, Guy Gibson etc.... I would never have become that blanket stacker.
  10. i read books by military heroes as well but they were all written after they had left the forces,its not as if they did anything heroic anyway?being held captive,having pyc ops directed at you (which a vast amount of us have endured in cadre courses and the like) and being paraded infront of the cameras.they would never have been allowed to profit from the media while serving a few years ago.
  11. do they know she was map reading LOL
  12. Hasn't this thread been done before? (I've always wanted to say that)
  13. It has been sewn up, but surely that's no reason to stop embroidering the story.