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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Adjutant, Apr 15, 2007.

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  1. From today's Observer. While I haven't been a great fan of John Nichol in the past, he makes some extremely valid points here...

    Strange how things change indeed...
  2. He certainly makes it appear that we've been here before.

    But the changings-of-mind in Whitehall do seem to have been much more obvious - and more publicly muddled - recently, compared with GW1.

    Or is it just that we forget?
  3. I think the main difference is that those who went before had (in the main) a story to tell.

    £80,000 for smoking tabs while enduring being stripped to your knickers is hardly Warlord Peter Flint stuff is it.

    I'd say the gaoler who had to deal with young Faye's knickers is probably more mentally scarred than any of the 15.
  4. The pilots were tortured, the sailor had his iPod the difference.
  5. Agreed - although like Adjutant I have some misgivings about his new-found career as a Military Expert.
  6. I was in a similar situation (Hong Kong border patrol) during the riots in May 1968, 20 of us snatched by the Chinese Liberation Army at Lo Wu and put in the bag for 2 weeks. and detained in Shenzhen China.

    The patrol was mixed Brits/Gurkha/Chinese to included 2 junior officers, average age was 23 - 25, all from Sek Kong Camp.

    Only NO/RNK/NAME was given despite interrogation and solitary confinement. When released and returned back to Hong Kong...the media was kept well away by a stiff boot from the RSM

    In this situation blame the MOD and Government, they put these two inexperienced people in the crap.

    The sun has now set on the empire and our forces are now controlled by baffons and coffee house fops!
  7. and which one cried himself to sleep?
  8. John Nichol
  9. Interesting stuff. I think a large part of it, without being too parochial, is to do with the three separate services. The Army in general are clear what their role is and have, since WW2 onwards, born the brunt of casualties, danger etc. We perhaps are more mentally prepared for it; as an Infantry soldier it is obvious what your job may entail. When it comes around you may be shocked by it, but don't let on as the expectation is that you should hack it.

    The RAF and Navy haven't faced the same as the Army. The odd blue job is shot down or crashes and it is big news, the Navy sit out in the middle of the sea bothering Columbians in speed boats or winging TLAMs at the most recent enemy but generally don't get to see the whites of their socks. The Army take casualties; correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the only year since WW2 that soldiers haven't died on ops is 1969. When I joined the talk was of NI; every Bn had lost people there. Then the Balkans came along. Not too grim, but RWF were taken hostage and the bodies were at times piled high. GW 1 was a blip, NI rumbled on, Sierra Leone (more on that in a bit), then it went mental post 9/11. So, the Army is habituated to deaths, injury and the odd other drama (hostages etc).

    On the Sierra Leone/ R IRISH do. That was horrible; if it was up to me to spend time with the Westside Mentalists of the Iranians I know who I'd opt for. They had a grim time and people had to get killed to get them out. And they then cracked on with careers in anonymity after a harrowing and also truly newsworthy episode.

    Something happens to the Navy and to them its big stuff. Then this rubbish all happens. The head of Service MUST shoulder some blame. But equally, what experience of this sort of thing does he have? Contrast with good old CGS stating that in the Army it'll never happen. It shows you just how emasculated the other services are in comparison with us. Now if only they could sack some Euro Fighter and Aircraft Carriers and get us some decent boots…
  10. From Queens Regulations.
    Annex A(J) to Chapter 12 and J12.022

    Broadcasts by serving personnel acting as official spokesmen and speeches and lectures on official subjects will normally be undertaken as part of their official duty and, as such, covered by their Service pay; no question of extra payment to individuals will therefore arise. If, however, all or part of the preparatory work and delivery of the broadcast, speech or lecture is done during the individual's off duty time he may retain the whole or part of any fees payable, as appropriate. This provision also governs the retention of any fees payable for the writing of books or articles on official matters or involving material or experience. Details of any payments should be sent to the appropriate Public Relations or Publication Clearance authority (see Annex A to this Chapter) to consider what proportion should be credited to public funds.
  11. Hero:

  12. Dont be too harsh they called him names as well 'The little Weasel'

    My 7 year old would of cried if called Mr Bean and had his IPOD confistcated.
  13. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

    well said...
  14. Bedin, I can see sort of where you are coming from but you are fogretting a teeny weeny point. Which branch of the Navy wears green berets, have been involved in virtually all major conflicts and have just completed a successful tour of the stan. (And regretfully have lost pers of their own)
  15. Roger - and the Marines didn't sell their stories. And the decision to sell the stories was up there with the First Sea Lord - a matelot.