Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by bullet-magnet, Nov 5, 2005.

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  1. GOT IT AS AN UPGRADE DONT LIKE IT SELLING FOR £175 used for one day its an amazing bit of kit and Qs mail me here its on sale for a week so hurry. first come first gets.
  2. price has gone down to 150 any takers
  3. Bullet. drop to £125 and you got a deal??
  4. 130 how that sound
  5. Bullet, let me speak to the financial controller tonight. get back to you first thing. what's your e-mail address??
  6. its a good phone mate just not my cup of tea if u know what i mean
  7. Now far be it from be to moan about PERSEC, but i would have PM'd that!!!!!
  8. Good bit of persec there mate, want to delete & PM him?
  9. its k its protected at work by sum smart kit but did it anyway thanks lads
  10. do any peeps want this phone mail me if you do.
  11. I'll have it if you leave it in the bath overnight