Selling Original Cap Badges

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by nottyash, Oct 21, 2008.

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  1. Hello all, first time starting a thread in this area.

    Unfortunately my Dad passed away this year, (No condolences necessary), but throughout my military service from the beginning to the end, he trawled all sorts of flee markets, and professional militaria stalls to buy original metal/brass/tin badges. My dads view was that later after serving I would become interested in the stuff.

    For me, and those who have lost a close relative will understand, I do not want to profit from my Dads relatively early demise. I think it would be far more fitting for me to sell the items and present the money to HFH or the RBL. I have discussed this with my family and they are in agreement.

    I live in S Yorks, so before I walk into the valley of being taken for a ride, can any arrsers point me in a direction to sell said badges for a profit/good cause.

    Not only will the proceeds go to a good cause, they will do so in the knowledge my dad would of been extremely proud.


  2. I can't advise you where would be best for this, I'm afraid, but may I just say that what you plan to do is an amazing idea, and one I don't doubt that your father would approve of you doing so and be rightly proud indeed.
    Hope all goes well with the sale!
  3. Notty,

    Well done and I too am sure that your father would be proud.

    If its any use I know that you can sell on ebay and donate the proceeds direct to H4H. It obviously gives exposure to militaria collectors worldwide and there are people out there who will pay good money for some items. I know its a right pain listing stuff but maybe worth a thought.

    Good luck,
  4. Or auction them in the ARRSE RBL Auctions. There must be some serious collectors on this site, plus you have the knowledge that they'll be going to a good home.
  5. Notty,

    I have the following cap badges from the Regiments my family served with in the First World War and this is what I paid for them.

    1. Monmouthshire Regt. - £5.

    2. South Wales Borderers - £5.

    3. Welsh Regt. - £10.

    Just a price guide matey, you may be better off selling them as a set. It all depends upon what you have - good luck.
  6. I would be greatful for further details. When I get the time I will list the badges, there is of course the issue of postage and not being used to this, not sure how to sort that out.

    Would not want postage to detract from fund raising and if I am honest would prefer not to have to run to the post office every two hours. Being a shift worker that would be rather difficult. Will do whatever is required though. Will get there in the end.

  7. I think there are about 200 badges in all, not sure as I have not plucked up the courage to get stuck in. I do know that my 'mate' paid between 3 and 15 quid for each bage, so my sister who used to accompany him tells me.
  8. Ok,

    I think you need to start work on the catalogue immediately chum. This could really take off.
  9. Will do - here goes

    Some of them are long before my time and I am afraid whilst they are magnificent, I do not know what they are?

    1. On a triangle - inscribed on war service.
    2. A Scottish regiment Badge - inscribed By Dand.
    3. Ghurka Kukris with a figure 8 in the middle.
    4. An Egyptian horse on top of a scroll (Lincolnshire).
    5. An original Special Air Service Badge.
    6. Coat of Arms (Concilio Et Labore)
    7. The Royal Scots.
    8. Military Provost Staff Corps.
    9. The letter 'D' with a crown and the word Dragoons XXII.
    10. Argyle and Sutherland.
    11. RMP GR.
    12. RMP ER.
    13. Small Arms School.
    14. RE GR.
    15. The Royal Scots.
    16. The West Riding.
    17. REME.
    18. QUARANC.
    19. XI0IX with crown. (Aint got a clue what this is).
    20. The Kings Own.

    This is half the contents of one of ten cards. So my estimate may have been a little conservative. I am visiting an ex booty tomorrow who now runs a militaria stall/shop. I did not realise that there was this many.