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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by cjaus, May 21, 2011.

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  1. I've got nothing wrong with Army Surplus stores, selling Surplus kit. Becuase they have bought it legally.

    But it does get my back up when someone is advertising Brand New Multicam equipment. That is still in the packet with the NSN on the packet.
    Surely this cannot be legal?

    This stuff still hasn't been issed fully to the Army, how can it be surplus??
  2. So what story were you looking for here? Greedy squaddies deal brand new kit on ebay while Our Boys die in the desert?
  3. The new kit being issued is a different cut to the old Herrick kit.
  4. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Could be anything from pre-production samples to complete fakes - there is a huge business in manufacturing fake goods - a few labels are pretty easy to do.

    I think a multicam para smock based on the old Dennison jacket would be an absolute gold mine myself.
  5. And if it is MULTICAM it isnt British anyway. The two patterns are wuite different.
  6. These are on issue. I was looking at NSN's the other week and I believe there is a pic on the NSN thread.
  7. I may be wrong but doesn't that appear to be a US pattern?
  8. No these are the Herrick issue. pretty crap to be honest, they dont last that long.
  9. Well in that case, all aboard the Outrage Bus!!!

    Not really. This is a huge non-story. And in response to the "if it hasn't been issued, how can it be surplus" thing, does anyone remember the quad bikes the MOD procured and then sold straight away because they ran on petrol instead of diesel?
  10. Never heard about that but I do know that we are still using petrol quads here in the UK and on Herrick.
  11. cjaus I've saved you some time with your story:

    The Mail can reveal that kit destined to Our Brave Boys in Afghanistan is being sold on internet auction site e-bay. The kit, which deflects Taliban bullets, has been designed to replace current issue wollen battle dress worn by troops. Sources say it has been been stolen by greedy MoD Civil Servants working in clothing stores in the UK. The Mail revealed earlier this year that pen pushing civil servants were being decorated with campaign medals when deploying to operational war-zones.

    Army forums were ablaze with comments at the story with one user 'Biffins-Bridge' quoted as saying "This is just another example of civil servants getting fat on the back of our troops. Where's your military covenant now Cameron."
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  12. I think it's pretty clear that most stock you see on ebay isn't stolen. How about ration packs though? There's loads on there and they can't all be ones that squaddies have left over from being on exercise...