Selling off the family silver

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Solon_of_Athens, Jun 22, 2006.

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  1. This is starting to grip my sh1t. If anyone doubts that the Armed Forces are being sold down the swanny by idiots in the MOD then looky here: Homes that will command attention. Woolwich (76 acres) went for just £15 million! Why not develop it themselves and sell it on for much more. Idiots I says, idiots! Build 76 large houses with an acre of land in London and sell them for £1 million each! Barking fcuking idiots.

    Told you I was gripped.
  2. Just a reminder that the MOD and the forces in general are there to protect out national security, not to make a profit from enterprise.

    Yes, it may have been nice to get some more cash, but that is not there job, and knowing how shoite they are a procurement, basic maths accounting and economics, do you honestly think they could have made a half way decent profit? :wink:
  3. So the management and disposal of property should be handed over to The Crown Estate, which hopefully knows how to make money. I drive past the Woolwich site regularly and knowing what property sells for, that close to London, I am in a state of shock at the GBP 15m price-tag. Some b'stard is making an awful lot of money out of the deal.

    Edited because PTP stole my full-stop!
  4. Any Journo's out there wanna do a little digging into the companies involved?
  5. Very well put! :D
  6. Ony under a Blur administration.
  7. You are a senile twot aren't you Gary. The Tories liquidated much more valuable assets for much less. e.g the utilities
  8. Ah one of the Naffi Barstewards surfaces.
    Maggei knew what she had to do to reserect Britians industry, it was painful but Industry had to be offered a good return for their investment, in what had become a bankrupt economy, due to the maladministration of the 70s and before.
    She saved the UK and the moning, winging, little Tarts of Labour have never been able to forgive her for preventing UKs decline into the socialish sh1t heap they desired.
    Please be so kind to inform the membership when ya goolies fall into position. You can then go back to the Naffi and you'll find the interlect to inform you what to do with your pizzing tackle.