Selling Off Cap Badges

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Blackcat, Jan 23, 2006.

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  1. Evening gents I've a small collection of WW1/Kc Cap Badges going up for sale anyone whos interested PM me, I'll be disposing of them on e-bay so thought I'd give you first crack at them.

    £5(non repro to the best of my knowledge)
    Kings Dragoon Guards post 1915
    Grenadier Guards
    Scots Guards
    Welsh Guards
    The Royal Scots
    Lancashire Fusiliers
    RAMC X 2
    Army Ordnance Corps
    Army Remount Service
    Labour Corps
    Yorkshire Hussars
    Westmorland & Cumberland Yeomanry
    Derbyshire Yeomanry
    Queens Own Worcestershire Hussars
    Lancashire Hussars
    5th (Cinque Ports) Bn Royal Sussex Regiment
    The Brecknockshire Battalions, South Wales Borderers
    7th (Robin Hood) Bn, Sherwood Foresters
    10th County of London Bn (Hackney) London Regiment

    £10 Comes from a house clearance a well looked after polished badge with accompanying B/W photo of Lancer on Horseback
    16th Queens Lancers.
  2. The OP was over ten years ago, even ebay would have got rid of them by now.
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  3. Holy Fuckerama!

    The Flash to Bang on this even @dingerr would have been proud of.
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  4. Has anyone got the keys?
  5. Bought one of those 'hats' you see around the place (bit like my sig), for my g/f at the time for some photos.

    Got put away.

    Dug it out not so long ago, having a tidy up. Austrian missus gone now, time for the cap too.

    Looked it up on the net (didn't have net back then when I bought it in Camden). Nazi thing. I had no idea.

    I took the badge off and put it in the bin. I took the 'hat' and cut it up and did the same.

    I suppose the great irony being she was Austrian, and also had no idea what it meant.

    There's a time for everything I suppose.
  6. So you're saying you had a Waffen SS Forage Cap that you're missus used to wear (Cough: photos) and you cut it up and threw it away? They're worth a bloody fortune, specially when they're worn by slim, Austrian sluts dressed in stockings, suspenders and a see through G String.

    However, I digress, I'm sure you did the right thing.

    You knob!
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  7. The salacious image you have in your mind's eye is close, but not quite. Well, they were stockings, but of the shiny latex variety. It was quite embarrassing taking them back to the shop (only to find out one of my girly friends worked there). They got replaced without question. (they had a little rip in them upon closer inspection, and that does not bode well for rubber, as you may or may not know)

    I never did get those photos back (they got lost) from the college lecheror. No worries, she's started her own little smut business since with her new man.

    I had a quick look on the net what it was supposed to be, but it was pretty low-key, not anything high-end (as far as I could tell). It wasn't really an idealogical fit of pique I had, more a sort of 'I really do need to start making some space here'.

    She was very slim and tall though. Someone robbed the photos of her in her riding kit, at a place I lived at. Big boobies as well. And possibly the only girl I've been out with that was more perverted than me.

    But what a sight. Long legs, big boobs, big blue eyes, and a bubble but to finish it all off.

    Adolf really had no idea what he started did he?