Selling my service dress

Is it still called service dress? Anyway, I'm 60 next birthday, so I don't expect to wear it again ...

Made for me quite a long time ago now but only worn a dozen times or so. Unfortunately, there is a small moth hole on the right lapel, but I suppose that could be repaired. Otherwise in very good order. The tunic is a pretty standard four button pattern, pleated breast pockets, no fancy cuff buttons or anything. Currently badged and buttoned for a LI major, so that's not a lot of use to anyone.

I'm 6' 2 1/2", but very long in the body, so the tunic would fit a chap of 6'4" probably, while the trousers are probably a bit short for a normal person. The inside leg measures 33" though, somewhat to my surprise. 38" waist, 44" chest, or thereabouts.

I would throw in a Sam Browne I happen to have.

So what am I bid?

I also have a very nice Light Div cross belt in patent leather, none of your tatty plastic here, and LI metal bits to go with it - not silver, something else - nickel? The metal bits are now useless, I suppose, but, correct me if I am wrong, I think the belt itself would be right for The Rifles?

I'm open to offers on that as well.

Don't all rush at once, now


War Hero
Three forum members have contacted me. One is interested in the uniform and cross belt, the other two in the cross belt only.

I would prefer to sell the whole lot together so that I am not left with the uniform.

I reckon a thing is worth what you can get for it, so here is a suggestion. Make me some offers. A really good bid for the cross belt without the uniform might get it, but a reasonable bid for both would probably get them.

Think in terms of £50 - 100 for the uniform, and because of the interest, the same for the belt. Both plus the cost of carriage.

I think I can arrange payment through Paypal and it would be money up front.

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