Selling my Mobile army surplus van

Hello guys,

well Im off to germany so presenting a brilliant op for anyone who is looking for a business, maybe you are TA and unemployed, or just about to take settlement. I have a 3.5 ton LDV converted into a mobile clothing shop- and 1500-2000 items of surplus and contacts to get more. It sells well at the boot sales and millitary fairs.

Im ideally looking for someone ex reg or TA to buy it, as that a) stops me from having to explain to someone what all the kit is, and b) if you are willing to donate 10% of the takings to the ABF soldiers charity, it is possible that I can set up a contract for you to be a mobile ABF charity shop with paraphenalia, and that will get you more sales and a tax break whilst supporting the system, so everyone wins, plus its possible I can give it to you on an installment basis (only available to genuine vetrans or TA, references will be checked)

have a look at my ebay ad- Mobile Army Surplus Store, including van & £8,000 stock on eBay (end time 07-Sep-10 21:46:05 BST) (item no 290462260338)

Im going to Germany by the end of the month so I am looking for a quick sale- £3900 (get your settlement money out your wallet!) for the van and the stock, I even have legitimate sources of stock for you so no need to bribe your QM for a continued stream of contraband.....keep the monkeys at bay!


Take it to Germany with you will make a mint.
You will sell better here at higher prices.
I have watched the market here for 40 years, believe me !
(if you need more info, PM me)

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