Selling military kit on ebay.

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Alf_Garnet_Commando, May 17, 2006.

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  1. What can you get done for for selling military kit on ebay? Anything?

    If it's not on your 1157 i mean.
  2. If it is your private property, not Crown property (and if it's not only your 1157 and you haven't signed a 3310 for it, then who can prove it isn't yours?) then you can sell it on eBay as long sale isn't covered by other legislation. Note that some eqpt is covered by the OSA, irrespective of where you may have acquired it from and, of course, the sale of weapons, weapon parts or ancillaries is illegal.

  3. Beware, if you cannot prove that it is legitimate surplus and legally disposed of by the MOD then under the Army Act they can do you for "improper possession."
  4. I actually think it's a good thing because you could pick up things that you colourman says costs a lot to replace like i dunno a PRR case and you can pick them up cheap as chips and avoid the UBER billing you usually recieve hahaha!!!!!!!!
  5. A good way to throw away thousands of pounds not to mention your career and reputation. The RMP are actively monitoring ebay.
  6. Thank god for that I will sleep soundly tonight :D
  7. Well if they monitor the same way they actively carry out effective police work then I'm sure any would-be naughty e-bayers will be extremely worried.
  8. Pwerhaps they should pop along to Silvermans and find where they get all their good kit from when the stores don't have it in! :wink:
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  14. Or just find out who the manufacturers are, start up a business and place an order with them. :D
  15. If you have military kit and it is not on your AF H1157, the first question I would ask is where did you get it from? If it hasn't been officially issued to you, then it must have been stolen - where did you steal it from?