Selling Car to buy New Uniform

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Devil_may_care, May 22, 2006.

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  1. I am at the 'Fun Factory' and have just been sent an unsolicited letter from Goldings with the Royal Regiment of Scotland's new Mess Dress and Clothing requirement. It appears that i need

    Patrols which i am taken to believe are what most people would call No. 1's but then i know that No 1's are Archer Green???
    3 x Trews (Service, Mess, Patrols) can these really be all that different???
    2 x sporran (apparently one has a No 1. sporran and a mess dress sporran? Although it is just the tassels that change?)
    A kilt suprisingly doesn't appear??

    I can see that it is going to be expensive with the lack of second hand kit but i am looking at about £2000 OVER my allowance??

    Anyone want to buy a second hand Golf - low milage looking to exchange for Uniform
  2. Join one of the Corps instead!

    Buy your kit from the Dead Officers' Kit Shop!

    Trade in the Golf and buy a Merc or a Subaru.

    What kind of an Officer would be seen dead in a Golf?

  3. The good uniform fairy is allegedly going to give you one.possibly made by concentration camp inmates in Nether Bongo-Bongo Land but a free kilt none the less :D
  4. The kind who might join a Corps?
  5. Choose your weapons, ladies...


  6. Guardian Offers - Handbags

    Damn. That's just blown my slightly to the right of Genghis Khan cover......

  7. He should be so lucky

    Hurrah for the CRE!!
  8. That's where I've been going wrong all these years. I should have taken the wife's advice and bought that E320 CDI estate she wanted :wink:
  9. There are less expensive tailors than Goldings, too.
  10. Have things changed so much? 8O Back in the day, a Golf was the car for young thrusters.
    Subarus? chavalicious! :wink:
    I shall stick with my ML.
  11. Indeed. And such tailors don't leave you feeling unclean after dealing with them either.
  12. From a once Jock Officer (although my info is out of date for RRS):-

    Do not goto Goldings!

    they finished the work they started for me more than 6 months after the promised delivery time

    Get your kilt from L Penrose, he is a good bloke, and delivers on time, although mine cost just shy of £500, That is where the majority of (BW) officers get theirs. Alternativley contact the Regimental (Battalion) tailors, should be able to get one for around £120.

    You can get 1x sporran, and change the tassels from RHQ or Home Headquarters or whatever it is called these days - no need to buy two of the things, just spend 5 mins changing over tassels for appropriate order of dress.

    I am no expert, having been out of the loop since the new structure (GYC a couple of years ago you see), but surly you just need "patrol trews" (tartan 1A) and maybe 'day trews' if you are with the 42nd, (tartan 1, or maybe the other way around).

    And I cannot emphisise enough - DO NOT GO NEAR GOLDINGS - took 6 months to rush various items off 10 mins, that took a further 3 months to fix...and I wasn't the only one to have problems.

    Any questions, please PM me.

  13. Please trust me when I say ignore everything until you have spoken to one of the Jock Officers at Sandhurst.

    The detail of what you will need will be given to you on Tailor's Day by one of the officers, I can assure you! If in any doubt please pm me.
  14. Dated information as Penrose no longer exists properly!

    You only need one sporran and it is the same for day and night.

    Only 1A.
  15. Devil,

    Can I just add that listening to Barbs on this is probably the wisest move you will make all day - if not all year.

    This man knows what he's talking about.