selling body armour on ebay?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by kingburn_99, Apr 28, 2010.

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  1. Hi, just a quick one.

    Someone I know has asked me to sell some cba he has. I don't know how he has it but he is ex military. If I list it on eBay, will Mr rmp be visiting me?
  2. While I cannot confirm or deny whether or not he would visit you, what I would suggest mate is give it a miss, especially as you're still serving.

    All I know is this, if it was me I wouldn't.

    TDF Out
  3. That's what I thought, especially as I am hoping to join the regs or civplod soon!
  4. As long as there's a trail of ownership back to a legitimate source, then there's no problem.

    If your 'mate' had the CBA away from on top of some fcukers webbing that he'd momentarily left unguarded outside the stores, then you, I mean he deserves everything coming to you, I mean him.
  5. First orders? Don't do it - the little metal ribbons look pump. All eyes are on the final TV showdown - so should you be.
  6. I've got two sets of CBA. Bought them from a surplus shop for when I was working in Algeria. If I sold them on eBay what would be the problem? The only question is whether the kit is stolen which applies whether it belongs to the MOD or to somebody else.
  7. Absolutely no problem - from legitimate source. Presumambly part of a true 'surplus' disposal.

    The problem lies in that some units, especially non Infanteers, have to make do with an ever dwindling pool of CBA and associated plates. They're pilfered left, right and fcuking centre.

    This means that every time we're on the ranges there is the constant ballache of swapping around each time details change. LFTT drags out because there aren't enough sets to be able to run 8 lanes at once. etc etc.

    Then you get your own issued set lifted by some scrote and discover what it's like to be a crow again!
  8. you mean about having no idea how to look after your kit?
  9. Same problem in my unit. THey appear from a loan pool somewhere or other. might get an ECBA cover for my CBA filler and pick up a couple of plates so I've got my own. They cost buttons down the surplus store. At least then it's just my sweat on it! :)

    I think I better start doing all my phys in CBA too. It's a step in the right direction..... :gulp:
  10. Alright is a mate actually. During my short spell as a Stab we only ever got issued body armour once and it was all signed and accounted for. I will have to ask him where the CBA came from, hopefully he had it away from your, i mean, some fcuckers webbing!
  11. Sell it on ebay? Think about who's likely to be buying it - some poor squaddie from a unit that's underequipped - or Mohammad from Bolton who's off for 6 months "religious study" in the hills of Pakistan or thereabouts, and wants to buy himself a bit of insurance in case he ends up on the other end of your mate's covering fire?
  12. Or more likely some air softer.

    If Mohammed from Bolton wants body armour it's not exactly a controlled item. :roll:
  13. And all those deploying will get it issued so I doubt a squaddie from an underequipped unit will be buying it either.
  14. B'stard! that's mine! I recognise the black blob just over the plate pocket. It looks like a giraffe eating a toffee-apple whilst riding a tricycle. Quick, whose got the number for the internet police?