Selling an Ex BFG car in the UK, when 6 month or 12 month ?


Hi all, first time post, but I've been dipping into the site for the last couple of years and enjoying the posts. I've done a search on this on the site and via Google but cant pin down an exact answer so resorting to help.

The problem I have is, we bought a tax free BFG car last May( end of) whilst serving in JHQ. Since then our circumstances have changed a lot. We're now in New Zealand, still trying to get rid of the car. BFG customs say that we cant sell the car in the UK within 1 year of it initially being BFG registered, or we’ll suffer with not being allowed to buy another BFG car for 5 years ! Yikes, but of course the old ruling was just 6 months until people started taking the pee out of the system and they changed it.

So what is the right rule. We transferred the car back to the UK and de- registered it with BFG in December, so its sitting in a garage under a dust cover waiting to be sold. If I sell it before the year is up ( June 08) then will I be liable for VAT to the customs, and how would they know ? Were looking just to get rid of the thing and sell it direct to a garage for a quick sale.

I’ve checked out a link on a previous post, at HERE and according to section 2.2 we should be able to sell it after 6 months and 6000km usage, which we have.

So are BFG customs trying to pull one over onto us saying we cant sell it until it’s a year old or we cant have another one for 5 years. Is this the only rod they have ? Is the actual rule 6 months and sale and they couldn’t change that so they banged on a ban for 5 years ? :frustrated:

As were never going back I don’t give a crap about buying another tax free car, but don’t want to be stung by a sudden visit from the Infernal revenue, mind you they would of course have to find us out here :threaten:

Anyone sold their car within 6 months with the new rules ? or can shed any light ?


elsdon said:
The problem I have is, we bought a tax free BFG car last May( end of)
You bought the car last May (2006) so wheres the problem? Its now nearly a year old. (Perhaps a cock up in your dates typed) But as for your customs question (which incidently is 2 seperate issues, BFG rules & UK Customs Import rules)

(1) You have to actually have the vehicle abroad for 6 months and have 6000 miles on the clock(not sure on exact mileage) before you can import a vehicle for sale, at least.

(2) BFG have a rule on a 1 year gap on selling a tax free vehicle before the year is up or you impede a penalty for then having the tax free facility again.

So as far as I can see from your question, sell your car now before it depreciates even more.


oops, yes, bought in May 06 , some Colonel in JHQ made the wife promise that she wouldn't sell the car until 1 year after initial BFG registration, so that would be Jun 07 ( not 08 as I tpyed) So we were wondering what the actual score was. Yes two questions then, solved the BFG initial one then, a 5 year Ban, great, and I think we qualify for the 6 month ownership and 6000 Km's on the clock. I'll ring the garage :)