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Selling a Falkands medal

On a practical note, his South Atlantic Medal is probably worth between £400-600, depending on his ship, rate, etc. If he has an LSGC or something else to go with it, then you can add a bit more.

However, if sold at auction, he will lose some of that as a Seller's Premium. As a private sale, he will be unlikely to get the amounts I've quoted. Sadly, which ever way you squeeze it, it won't be enough for a new boiler.

My advice-for what it's worth-is not to sell but swallow his pride a bit and ask for some help.
The benefits overed are quite expansive, my sister has been signed up for a free A rated boiler as she is on working tax credits - I believe it goes on the individual and not a couple as her husband earns a decent wedge. Certainly worth looking into it mate.

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