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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by FacePlanted, Feb 4, 2009.

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  1. Ive got around 4 months til my ball starts rolling with joining up and like most want to become suitably fit to make the journey less of a challenge than it is going to be physically and psychologically (joining as RMP).
    Does anyone have any tips or training routines that helped them greatly?
    already swimming weekly and going to be starting tai kickboxing soon next week, any ideas will be a great help.
    thanks for your time peeps
  2. What is the alternative to self training?
  3. Having a personal trainer for the motivation aspect
  4. Start running.......don't stop. :wink:
  5. I'm joining RMP myself- my current plan is gym Mon, Wed, Fri, Run Tues and Swim Thurs. Will be doing circuit work after selection and some endurance stuff...oh and be ready for a long wait for ur job choice :roll:
  6. don't start the thai boxing.
  7. i would but im starting from 2 years of being a lazy ass and dont want to destroy my knees just yet
  8. why no to the thai boxing?
  9. you will be too beaten up to do any real fitness.
  10. fartlek training is great, using marker out on your runs such as benches, lamposts, signs, trees etc once you approach your marker sprint untill the next one or for 30 secs then return back to a normal running pace, jog, or walk untill the next marker and repeat how ever many times you can manage to keep up a good hard sprint. Ive had a few strange looks of people when ive been doing this on the street though! for a beginner can replace the sprint to a normal runnign pace then walking then running etc to break your self in if you havent being running regularly, but im sure you can figure what you can manage best.
    psychologically when i get to a point where you feel you can go on like when your running and when its hurting i push harder to get through it, getting your self kinda angry works, when my legs feel like they wanna stop i end up kinda growling well shouting argghhh!! if you can imagine! I think when you start tai kickboxing youll be using you voice to channel the power i remember when i did karate we shouted hai!! on impact can be quite scarey if your sparring with some big gruff bloke shouting that in your face haha especially as a women!
  11. your tai kicking boxing will be good in some aspects as you will have to learn some self dicipline and control
  12. Its Cross training too for stamina and upper body training, the guy who runs it used to be a marine and has recommended it for reducing my run time, as for the beaten up wouldnt that help my body deal with becoming run down in training?
  13. That Fartlek sounds fantastic also got a perfect place for it down here, im gonna be starting that after swimming and before riding tomorrow kind of a warm up and down see how it goes, well see how society deals with a randomly sprinting, screaming mad man running around a park ha! Thank you for your advice
  14. All you need to do mate is pass a BFT or what ever its called now, not a thousand kicks a day! yeah stamina but can you do the run? 1.5 miles in what ever time it is 12 mins?? check out mod website for stats.

    Start running, slowly if your a lazy git but start running. :roll:

    addition: apologies for smarty pants comments, get in there mate and best of luck to ya. :)
  15. i think the run is just over 11 mins for RMP, i hardly ever run but crashing down hills on a mountain bike might help with the running, misses is doing her phase 1 end of feb so shes kicking off with the running so ill be invading her routine ha thanks for the advice chap