Self serving celebrities on Red Nose Day.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Clunge, Mar 18, 2011.

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  1. Don't get me wrong I feel sorry for the wee bairns with distended bellies and all that but the drippy celebrities that start blubbing about how hard these people have it etc in all honesty couldn't give a shit. Plenty of evidence of it tonight on beeb 1, starting to get on my wick already and it is early doors! I would normally going out on the lash on a friday but seeing as my internal organs are doing there best to vacate my body through my sphincter i am forced to watch this pish in my room with my kazhi no more than 5 steps away!
  2. I for one intend on ensuring Children in Need continues to be required, by beating the shit out of some children.
  3. Why shouldnt they? They are a business, I'd stick a red nose on and wet kiss the bi one from Blue if it boosted my profile.

    I'd wet kiss the bi one from Blue regardless.
  4. There's nothing quite like some cunting millionaire telling me to part with my cigs and booze money because "Just £5 will buy a mozzie net" while wearing more jewellery than Mr T.

    How's about you suck a fart out of my arse?
  5. Give plenty so the money can buy shiny shiny Mercedes.
  6. Steven, would you risk sucking a fart out of my arse right now?
  7. fuck them seven ways to sunday, all the time theres kids in the Uk starving to death and being abused then I refuse to send any of my money to lenny henry just so he can help africa (still starving in africa and his missus still has a grand a day piehabit, you do the fucking maths)
  8. I like the plan to give them Catterick shit hole, oh sorry cataracts why do they want rid of it they will be able to see what a shit hole they live in (bit like Catterick really)
  9. Children in Need, eh? I've done my bit: just buried a 4-year old in the back yard. She's going to need digging up in 5 minutes. Unless you want her to get really unwell.
  10. I've done worse things on a Friday night mate
  11. On another note, which cunt keeps tell Lenny Henry that he is funny?
  12. We could feed his ex-missus to a starving country in Africa if the carcass was properly salted down there would be no famine for 100 years.
  13. Shame on you all. Sir Bob Geldoff would be turning in his grave. If only he would stand still long enough for me to get a bead on him.
  14. On another note, which cunt keeps tell Lenny Henry that he is funny?