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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Negligent-Discharge, Jul 10, 2009.

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  1. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    I met this Rock journo a couple of times at the Monsters of Rock festival at Donington. 1987 and a couple of years later I think... check this site out. It's all me, me, meeeeee and I, I, I and "Look at the pictures of ME with... " etc. Any better?
  2. Hello Dave! Nice plug for your crappy website!
  3. this news just in rocky dennis walting as a music journo



    why the long face
  4. I suppose your man's just happy that his first name's not "Mydinga".

  5. You seem surprised that the website is about a guy whose name is in the web address!?!

    The guy does look a bit 'special' though.
  6. Is there any difference between the above website and Facebook :?
  7. A cnut,and a ginger cnut at that.A ginger cnut that needs a hair cut.And he probably smells of wee too.
  8. Hey man, that's really cool.
    Those comments about the hair are heavvvvy. Chill out.
    <blows smoke from spliff>
    It kind of evokes memories of Spinal Tap for me. Either that or Creme Brulee.... :D
    The gallery is a scream. These 'ladies' would get it, especially the cute one with ginger hair and glasses:


    <blows very large puff of smoke from spliff>
  9. You're not called barking for nothing, eh!
  10. :D