Self-righteous McCanns at it AGAIN!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Hat20, Apr 11, 2008.

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  1. Seems the blame for their daughter's continued 'disappearance' lies with the fact an alert system was not in place for missing/abducted children!
    'The parents of missing Madeleine McCann believe there would have been a greater chance of finding her if a missing child alert system had been used'
    Web Page Name
    The concept of such a system is a good idea but are these two sanctimonious,self-righteous 'not our fault' whiners the right people to promote such a system? granted they have first hand experience but should they not be promoting 'Thy shalt not abandon your children to go party' instead?
    Seems at one end of society gets well deserved book thrown at them for a childs disppearance and Mother charged with child neglect,but a family at the other end who's child disappeared through parents own fault(granted child was taken but who gave the oppurtunity?)- not classed as neglect and no charge?
  2. There would have been a better chance of finding her (safe in bed) if they hadn't decided to jack on their kids and fcuk off out for the night

    IIRC, it was the second night in a row they did this (how many others) - setting patterns? Giving a nonce the oppertunity?
  3. As Mrs McC said to the BBC yesterday: "If you want someone who knows about child abduction... that's us". To catch a thief and all that????? :twisted:
  4. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    You know,Although I feel sorry for the poor lassie,I have nothing but contempt for the parents and I'm sick of seeing it on the media every bl**dy day!
    Lisa Dorrian went missing over 3 years ago less than 10 miles from my home, Her body has never been found.
    The McCanns now seem to care more about their reputation & money now.
  5. Shame isn't it that UK citizens can't be charged in the UK under English/Scottish etc law for offences contry to it whilst abroad - think of the revenue to be raised from all those cahnts driving on the wrong side of the road for starters!

    Agreed, they need charging, but that's a Portugees call, not outraged Daily Hate readers...
  6. Yes and child abduction is such a large international crime, gone are the days when the kids found a few miles away from their home. Those dirty old men at play parks are certainly trying to compete in the big leagues.
  7. Bunch of cnuts those McCanns
  8. This whole episode shows how insidious the entire media establishment in the UK is.

    Yesterday, BBC news at 6 gave about 2-3minutes worth of coverage to these fools. BBC news reported that they refuted claims in a leaked police interview transcript that on the day their daughter disappeared, they were asked by her why they left their children alone while they went out. Then coverage moved on to their press conference.

    I wonder whose cocks were sucked by whom to get this kind of media access. I wonder who is paying for them to go gallivanting about trying to salve their conscience.
  9. Actually it is an international phenomenon or rather, a phenomenon that frequently involves international boundaries.
  11. About the media coverage:

    On the day of the Gurkha protest in Westminster, I DVR'd the BBC mid-morning broadcast so that I could watch it when I got home. You may recall that it was held on the same day that the McCanns won the apology and settlement from the Daily Mirror.

    I had to fast-forward through - I am not exaggerating, and the Tankie can verify as I was actually calling time as I did it - forty fcukign minutes of McCann sh!te, in order to reach two minutes of coverage about the Gurkhas. Forty minutes about them and their spokespeople being "extremely pleased" about their payout, including coverage of their press opposed to the protest, which I believe was held at the same time.

    I don't know how much coverage there was after the 120 seconds the Gurkhas got, because I didn't watch. :evil:

    * * *

    Edit to Add:
    Just as an aside, Amber Alerts do work - they've worked many times back home and they're a good idea. The problem is that there has to be an actual witness to call in tips, immediately after abduction.

    The whole system relies on people knowing a child has been abducted, and then seeing something that they believe is related (a vehicle, or someone that resembles the suspect) within the critical 48-hour period.

    In this particular case, this happened late at night, reducing the number of potential witnesses to almost nil. So I can't see how this would have helped.
  12. The more I see of these two the harder I find it to understand why they have not been charged with criminal child neglect. If it had been a single parent they would have been hung drawn and quartered by now.
  13. She's pretty fit, mind.
  14. I agree absolutely. I hope that they are tormented by what happened, it's nothing less than they deserve for leaving their children unattended so that they could have a chilled out dinner. There were enough adults on that holiday for one adult per night to baby-sit the children of the group, but then they'd have had to forgo an evening’s socialising, and Heaven forbid that should happen. :roll:
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