Self regulated morphine delivery.

Came across this and thought it may be of interest.;

Medics still use morphine to relieve the pain of wounded soldiers on the modern battlefield, but have to watch out for morphine reducing breathing and blood pressure to dangerous levels. That may all change with a DARPA-backed combination drug that has successfully limited morphine delivery when it detects low blood oxygen levels.

The drug relies upon nanotech particles that carry both morphine and its antagonist, known as Naloxone. That creates a self-regulating feedback system where Naxolone only activates to suppress morphine when blood oxygen levels drop too low. The antagonist then goes inactive when oxygen blood levels return to normal, and allows more morphine to become available.
Source: Popsci

Looks like an interesting development, I'll leave you pro's to argue the toss over it(1)

(1) Should it ever make it to the battlefield and MoD decide it might be a good idea.

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