Self Nomination to be a Member of Parliament

Rather than just going red in the face and getting more enraged every time someone does something in the political class that defies common sense or common morals.......what if you could do something about it,rather than just rant a lot.

Become an MP

If you had the chance, would you become an MP in the belief that you could do something worthwhile?

And if you did stand for election......just for the sake of discussion, you are only allowed to be elected for two main things you wanted to change or improve.

My agenda

I would push for these two main idea's.

1) To become a minister or to be put in charge of any department you will have to have real-world experience of the department you run.

Minister for Defence......ex-forces

Minister for Schools......ex-teaching profession


2) To change the legal punishment system where an offence will run consequatively ( sorry about the spelling )with another offence.

If some scrote steals a car and races through the streets, hits a pedestrian and is drugged to the eyeballs......rather than a 6 month ban and a slap on the wrist, the little scumbag goes down for 6 years...all added together.

think of all the lowlife we could get off the steets for decades.

Only Two election promises allowed.

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